I started using MapMyRuns last year to track my runs & walks at the suggestion of The Mrs.  Of late, I have been playing with various functions of the program, mostly dealing with accurizing my time & distance calculations.  One thing I like alot is the Monthly Overview, so I can see at a glance my activity for the month. Makes me feel like I am being really active and good!

June 15, 2015   Walking The Illinois State Fairgrounds and Lincoln Park

We started this walk from the Fairgrounds Parking Lot near the Dept of Agriculture Headquarters. We meandered north across the Fairgrounds and then turned east and walked through the campground area. After leaving the Fairgrounds we headed to nearby Lincoln Park.

Lincoln Park BridgeThis little bridge has “LINCOLN PARK” embedded on the two main posts with the little pyramid caps on them. We wandered all over the park, ended up following trails neither of us had ever explored before. Not being a native Springfieldian, I never spent much time in Lincoln Park before…

We sat on a nice shady bench and had a snack, then followed a small path that lead us to a neat little cement stairway into the woods….

Stairway to the woods...We found the park delightful and rewarding as we meandered, adding miles to our day’s tally.  It was also a big day because The Mrs wore her new hiking BOOTS and SmartWool socks. I enlisted the persuasion of our  Hiking Mentor, Charles Hawes, to encourage her to go the boot route versus the “hiking shoe” option. Being an ancient Boy Scout, I’ve worn hiking boots for hiking since I was 8 years old, everywhere from northern Illinois and Wisconsin, to Philmont, New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, through the Colorado Rockies…. I include this photo for Charles.

Taking a break
Taking a break

We headed back to the Fairgrounds, and walked back past the Coliseum and the horse barns area, which was the majority of my patrol area when I worked the State Fair for a number of years in the ’80s.  I love the smell of the horse barns!  Well, after all our tromping around fairly aimlessly all morning, me tallied up 7.5 miles total.  Nice !

Lincoln Park fountain

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