To commemorate the first day of Summer 2015, I got up about 5 am, checked the weather, closed all the windows in the house because of the 88% humidity, turned on the A/C, then geared up for a quick run.  Well, not as quick as it use to be! I ran the perimeter of the soccer fields at UIS, and total mileage from our driveway out and back is just at 2.5 miles. In 27:25 mins/secs.    Temperature hovering about 74F/23C.  It was moderately cool still in the shade, but when I got out into the sun, it was quite warm. And steamy.  When I got back home the sweat was dripping off me as if I had just stepped out of the shower. Whew!

Walking back in the house felt like stepping into a walk-in beer cooler! Quite refreshing.  So I drank a bunch of water and some electrolyte fluid (the Blue flavor) and let my body cool for a bit. Once the sweat stopped pouring out of me, I did a 20 minute “High Intensity Interval Challenge Workout” that I started 2 weeks ago.  All this helps me with my old man early afternoon nap-times…. 🙂

And summer wouldn’t be summer if I didn’t have to then mow the lawn! Although the riding mower stopped cutting after I finished up with the back yard…. Darn! Too danged hot at that point to try to fix it! So back inside for a cool shower and some quality time with “Plants vs. Zombies”…  If only the sailboat were on the water….

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