Not Raining!!!

It is NOT Raining this morning! WooHoo! It is a gorgeous day, started out sunny and cool with an absolutely delicious breeze blowing in off the lake. I spent a little time in the man-cave after making a pot of coffee, just waiting for The Mrs to get up.  She was up late, having gone to see Hairspray at The Little Theatre on the Square in Sullivan, IL. I opted to stay home for 2 reasons: 1) I have already seen the play, and B) I wanted to be in bed asleep by 9:30 pm…. Anyway, when I heard The Mrs stirring and making tea I wandered upstairs and asked if she wanted to go out on her boat this morning.  We were supposed to go walking, but the balls of my feet are still quite sore from our walk yesterday, so I suggested a day off.

To The Pontoon!

Gs Pontoon 2We had launched The Mrs’ pontoon a couple months ago, but after maybe 4 spins around the lake, it would overheat after a couple minutes of operation. We were going to pull it from the lake to take to our boat mechanic a couple weeks ago…. I motored it over to the Lindsey Bridge sailboat ramp while TM drove over with the trailer. She pulled onto the ramp about the same time I was drifting towards the dock (I would shut motor off and drift when the overheating alarm would activate), and jumped out of the van to come help me tie up to the dock. As we were just starting to tie the bow of the pontoon to the dock, we heard the strangest crunching noise… the trailer and the van had started to back down the ramp, but fortunately, the trailer jack-knifed and the van stopped (the van apparently did not go into “park” properly). No way to use the trailer so the pontoon stayed on the water.

Pontoon Trailer 2Finally our mechanic came out with his pontoon trailer a couple days ago, fixed the motor (bad impeller) in a day, and brought it back out day before yesterday. So all was set for us to go out on the water this morning! Beautiful day!!!

Lindsey Bridge
Vachel Lindsay Bridge

G 3 G 1

We only had about an hour to spend on the water before she had to leave for a workout class… ah well. This gave me the time to make this quick posting before I head back outside to do SOMETHING constructive.

Blue Skies again!
Blue Skies again!

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