KOA Road – July 10th

Have 3 walks to catch up on… where does the time go? The thyme goes in the sauce, however.

July 10th – We decided to head out from home and walk to the KOA Campground  .  We have ridden our bikes there in the past so we figured it would not be too bad walking on the shoulder of East Lake Shore Drive for a bit.  Well, the traffic was worse than usual (but then usually we are in the car when on this road). But once we got onto Lake Service Road, we could walk down the middle of the road if we wanted because there was NO traffic.

Our first little side trip was to stop at the public restroom at the Vachel Lindsay Bridge boat ramps. It was such a glorious morning!

Lindsey Bridge dock

The water was so calm, and the air was still cool. We were able to walk on the grass all the way from parking lot near the ramps almost to the Henson-Robinson zoo. After passing the zoo we headed south on East Lake.

We took another wonderful side trip down Vivian Lane through a nice quiet little residential area with A HILL! We walked up the hill, admired our success and the view, then headed back to East Lake…

Vivian Lane from top of A HILLVivian Lane from top of A HILL

The day grew warmer as we walked, but once on Lake Service Road we had shade which made the walking easier. Once we got to KOA Road we took a snack break in the shade and discussed whether to continue on to the KOA or turn around. If we turned around, we would have our 12 miles in. If we continued on, we would easily add another couple miles. We opted to turn around and save the longer walk for another day when it was a bit cooler, and we had cash in our pocket to buy something at the KOA snack bar (assuming they have one!)

On our way back, we once again stopped at Lindsay Bridge Ramp restrooms. The geese were enjoying the day at the docks…

Geese at Lindsey Bridge Docks
Geese at Lindsay Bridge Docks

By the time we got home, we had covered just at 12 miles with very little to complain about!

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