July 16th ~ Lincoln Memorial Gardens

This made 2 days in a row for our hiking workout, as yesterday was a moderately long hike followed by a somewhat shorter hike. We drove to Lincoln Memorial Gardens for a fairly easy walk on soft mulch covered trails through woods and along the lake. Believe it or not, our first stop was at the main building for a quick use of the restrooms… Then off we started, making a big perimeter loop (LMG Trails Map) . We had been to a trail walk a few weeks ago led by one of The Mrs’ dearest friends, Erica. Erica had written an historical overview of the Gardens and then proposed to present it as a historical walk to the Board of the Gardens. They approved it, and Erica did the walk  6 times I think. We got to go on the last one. It was fascinating, a wonderful way to get familiar with the Gardens, and Erica did such a great job of presenting her talk. Our goal this day was to walk 5 or 6 miles depending on our pace and the weather… A storm looked to be rolling towards us, but The Mrs’ weather app predicted we had HOURS before the storm reached us.

We tromped the wonderfully soft (compared to concrete/asphalt roadways) paths and worked our way southwest towards the Ostermeier Prairie Center. We went up and down some hills, and through nice shady woods until we reached the prairie grass fields. The OPC is a 30 acre farm that was acquired by the Garden and restored with the fields planted with native prairie grasses. We found a nice picturesque walkway and bridge that crossed the pond …

011 014

The pathway took us past the old farmhouse and a restroom building with picnic tables under a nice shady porch roof. We headed into the prairie field to the north and made a big counter-clockwise circuit of the fields. As we were returning to the farmhouse area, we saw a large beautiful sumac tree.

Sumac tree
Sumac tree

We continued on the pathway past the farm buildings and as we were walking past the restroom building, I told The Mrs I wanted to just check it out… It is a nice, clean,  and modern facility, and the toilet is a composting toilet! I have read alot about composting toilets on my sailing forums, but never got to use one until THIS HISTORIC DAY!

The Mrs
The Mrs

We worked our way back to the Garden trails and continued our counter-clockwise journey. Almost immediately we were rewarded with the serendipitous stumbling upon the Historic Chinquapin Oak tree (a species of white oak). This oak has stood here at least since 1700’s…

The Plaque
The Plaque

Note that the plaque signifies that this tree has been here since the signing of the Constitution of the United States in 1787… How is THAT for cool?!!

The Tree
The Tree

It is noteworthy that one can see the Vachel Lindsay Bridge from this area… The bridge was recently revamped and is quite a nice feature of the lake!

The Vachel Lindsey Bridge
The Vachel Lindsay Bridge

Shortly after we left the oak tree, we could hear thunder rumbling in the distance. We marched merrily along the pathway along the lake shore and discussed whether we would need to put on our rain gear in the “unlikely” event it would start to rain on us since the computer models clearly indicated we had hours before the storms arrived. We decided we wouldn’t need to because the day was getting quite warm, and a little rain would be cool and refreshing.The Lake Trail

And so we walked as the clouds moved in overhead. We followed The Lake Trail until it intersected with Fringe Tree Trail, which would lead us back towards the parking lot. We opted to head back, figuring we had enough mileage and it sure was looking like rain was going to be our reality in the very near future. We had barely gotten headed south again when we began hearing raindrops hitting the canopy of leaves above us. Then the clouds decided to let go of everything they had and we were slogging along in quite a heavy downpour!! We got soaked, but it truly WAS refreshing. We made it back to the van after about 5 minutes of this fun and loaded our wet selves and packs in the van.  We did manage to walk 5 miles, so not a bad day…

4 thoughts on “July 16th ~ Lincoln Memorial Gardens

  1. We bumped into each other on another blog and I’ve been reading some of your posts about your walks. I’ve been wanting to do more walking but I need to ease myself back into it again. I really enjoyed your photographs you took along the way. I’m in my fifties now and have cut back a lot on work to give me more time for myself. Walking and photography are two things I really love to do, so thanks for your encouraging blog. All the best with your trip to Ireland, if it’s still on the cards.


    1. Hi Jean… Thanks for your following my blog! I have just scratched the surface of yours and am excited to spend some time reading reading reading… The Mrs & I will be taking the ferry to Rosslare then heading westward & north to parts of Ireland I have yet to explore. I have just been reading about the Irish Riviera and wish we were heading south!
      Regards! Kevin

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  2. Jean ~ Thank you for the link to Wild Atlantic Way on RTE.ie. We watched episode 1 last night & loved it! Besides the beauty of the Irish coast, I especially loved his 1967 VW van! I have owned at least one old VW continuously since 1977, including a ’67 van – same color, but worse condition, and left-hand drive… I look forward to future episodes since I have ridden bicycle along part of the WAW.


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