Caught up, July 24th…

3rd day in a row to walk, which is good and right on schedule.  Our first 3 days in Wales will be walking days, then a rest day.  I am hoping to walk five days a week within the next few weeks to get well above the demands of anything the Pembrokeshire Pathway has to challenge us with.

We again got up early and had coffee/tea and cereal. I was feeling a bit sluggish until I put my boots on, then I felt excited and energized! That is a neat thing… So out the door and headed down the road before 8 o’clock. No driving today, just walking.

029We walked around the UIS soccer fields, up and down a couple hills there, across the sunny grass fields….

UIS woodsWe did a big loop around the fields, then along the woods/fields perimeter on the west edge of campus, then over to LLCC campus. We started aiming for shaded areas as the sun rose higher and the air warmed up. We walked under a line of shady trees east of the stadium, then past the Prairie Restoration area. We followed the shade past the LLCC Child Care Center and saw two men intently walking around what looks like a golf practice tee-off area… lots of astroturf on top of a cement footing it looks like, and a long wide open field beyond that…

026 028

That took us back towards the soccer fields and Disk Golf course where we walked along the treeline seeking shade until we got to the woods path just west of the Spencer House. We use to walk our dog, Mollie, through those woods sometimes up to 6 days a week. The path use to be pretty clear and both the The Mrs and I could run that path. Now it is pretty overgrown and even walking it was a bit tough in spots!

We got home in just under 2 hours and credited with 6 miles of walking. I think we have earned a steak dinner tonight!!

Heavy dew = wet boots (outside)
Heavy dew = wet boots (outside)

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