More NYC

We arrived in NYC on the 2nd of August, filled a taxi to capacity with our luggage and were dropped off at the Cassa Hotel, on 45th Street. The Cassa is advertised as a “boutique” hotel, whatever that means. We stayed there for 2 nights, and found it a pleasant and comfortable room/hotel..TripAdvisor rates it as #105 of 469. It is an easy walk to Times Square. The doorman was super quick and helpful with our bags upon arrival, and the front desk staff were efficient and helpful, and young. Only issue on day 1 is only one elevator was operational, but there were not so many people around so it was not a big deal.

After settling in to our room we headed out for a stroll and a meal. We ate at The Cock and Bull, an English Pub just around the corner from the hotel. I had a delicious sandwich  called The British Bulldog. (From the menu: “Grilled Banger, Bubble & Squeak and Whole Grain Mustard on a Toasted Bread Roll. Served with Hand Cut Chips”). The Mrs ordered light and got a salad (Beets, Green Beans, Granny Smith Apple, Goat Cheese and Chive Vinaigre) and what they called a Slider (Portobello Mushroom with Roasted Pepper, Parmesan Cheese, Grilled Eggplant and Black Olive Aiol). She loved the salad….

After eating we headed off towards Times Square. I do not like crowds much at all, so this is not a “top of my list” activity… Although it is kinda cool to see this type of frenetic over-the-top advertising/media freak show in person… Then back to the hotel for some well-deserved sleep.

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