Grocery detail ! Sept 13

We have been home just a week and finally, today, Sunday, we hit the point of NEEDING GROCERIES! Grace’s sister, Amy, had done a quick stock-up for us so on our return we would have milk & creamer and some meals ready to pop in the oven, but today I faced the sad truth that we desperately needed some more essentials. Like laundry detergent, and margarine, hazelnut coffee, and cookies/fig bars!!! Oh the Catmanity!!!

Soooo…. The Mrs had to work today (she has a meeting in Peoria) so I found myself sitting at home herding the kitties and contemplating the lack of hazelnut coffee and fig bars. Finally I got motivated enough to put shorts & t-shirt on, pull on my hiking boots, and head out the door to go shopping at WalMart.

I walked through the soccer fields at UIS to avoid having to walk on the roadway to get to South 11th Street. While The Mrs & I were stumbling around Wales & Ireland for the month of August, UIS installed what they labelled a Challenge Course on the grounds of the Spencer House and along the perimeter of the fields. Interesting!!Ch course

Challenge sign

So the first part of my 5.5 mile walk was on the grass and fields of UIS. It was a warm sunny day, perfect actually…. Just like everyday in Wales! I continued through campus until I got to 11th Street and headed north. Nice walking this area is… sidewalks on both sides of the street, 2 lanes each direction, mostly fields to the left and right…

11th Street, Springfield
11th Street, Springfield

The walking here was smooth and level and I was having a great stroll. Before I knew it, I was at the front door to the South 6th Street WalMart. I looked at my watch and it was exactly 46 minutes. When I got home (just under 45 minutes on the return, I entered the route into MapMyRun and it put me at a total distance of 5 .5 miles and about 3.3 miles per hour.

I spent about 30 minutes picking up the essentials, checked out my 14 items, packed them all into my hiking knapsack, and headed home.  Here is a photo of everything I bought… although I see I had already moved the bananas and I had gotten a bottle of water at the checkout and drank that on the way home…. and so the empty bottle was already in the recycle bin.

Grocery essentials
Grocery essentials

G, if you are reading this on your smartphone… note I bought you CHOCOLATE Belvitas!!!!!

On my return trip, I took a photo of the UIS sign at the corner of 11th & Hemingway Drive. This sign was installed years after I had graduated from UIS…

UIS sign
UIS sign

One thought on “Grocery detail ! Sept 13

  1. CHOCOLATE BELVITA BARS! mmmm…..well, they’re not homemade chocolate chip cookies, but they’ll do! and if i was a good wife our freezer would be stocked with CHOCOLATE DIP CONES. but there’s always tomorrow…xxx, me, wishing i’d been walking with you instead of listening to lots of talking all day.


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