Aug 4th, Part 2: On Board

We packed up most of our cases the night before, so when we got up in the morning we just had to have coffee/tea and a bite to eat in order to get under way.  The doorman hailed us a taxi… the unsuspecting driver did not realize the amount of luggage that had to go with us. The trunk of the car only took two or three bags, the rest went in the backseat next to The Mrs, and I sat in front with my knapsack.  Off to Brooklyn and the Cunard sea terminal!  WooHoo! EXCEPT – – – our driver didn’t know how to get there, but between the GPS on his smartphone, and the GPS on The Mrs’ smartphone, we got there. Fare was $55 which seemed a fair  fare to this hick from the cornfields of Illinois….

We had Cunard employees standing by happy to help unload our cases from the cab and send them into the depths of the terminal building fro processing and delivery to our shipboard room. The wait to board was not very long, and soon we were walking up the gangplank with our keycards to stateroom #5115 (5th floor).


We had requested a balcony room with a bulkhead cutout for this crossing because it is cheaper than a glass=fronted balcony.

View from balcony
View from balcony

We got to our room and most of our bags were waiting for us. We had a courtesy bottle of champagne waiting inside (on ice) for us, which The Mrs put in the mini-frig right a way for safe keeping. THEN, she gave me two birthday presents!!! A book, Moone Boy,by Chris O’Dowd & Nick V. Murphy. Very very funny, and there is a comedy series in the UK starring Chris O’Dowd by the same title. We are able to catch it on cable… The other present is my VERY OWN KEVIN MINION  ….. fan!

Birthday gifts
Birthday gifts

So we wandered around the ship to get our bearings, then suddenly the ship was leaving the dock and we were headed out to sea.  So, a couple photos of NY and Lady Liberty…

Freedom Tower
Freedom Tower
Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Next stop, Southampton


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