Blue Water Days

I will make this entry of our trans-Atlantic voyage a “broad brushstrokes” overview. The Mrs will do a more detailed (and interesting daily summary I am certain) on HER BLOG… As a side note, her blog is currently undergoing a major upgrade, which it has been due for a while, and her techie guru, Gary in UK, is hard at work to make it incredible…

We were aboard the Queen Mary 2  from Tuesday August 4th through Tuesday August 11th. The only major SCHEDULED events we had to adhere to were the mandatory ship safety meeting at 5 pm on our first day on board, and evening dinner in the Britannia Dining Room at 8:30 pm. We chose the 8:30 time slot because we intended to go to the Formal Afternoon Tea each day @ 3:30, and between the finger sandwiches and scones, we needed a few hours to make room in our tummies for dinner! All other meals/eating and activities were purely subject to our whim…

Nils guitar
Nils guitar

On-board activities we participated in included listening to lectures on the Magna Carta, opium, and Howard Hughes. These were separate and unrelated topics, btw! We also attended a concert by a wonderful classical guitarist, Nils Klöfver , a Swedish guitarist living in London. We bought a cd of his, from him, after the performance.

The 7th level has a promenade deck, and three laps of this deck is 1.1 miles around. We walked the deck most days. Just cuz this is a walking blog, here are the basic stats of our walking while over the Atlantic.

Just anothern warm & sunny day on the Atlantic
Just anothern warm & sunny day on the Atlantic
Another sunset...
Another sunset…

Aug. 5 – 3.3 miles. Sunny & warm.

Aug. 6 – 2.2 miles. Rain.

Aug. 7 – 2.2 miles. Sunny & warm.

Aug. 8 – 2.5 miles. Partly cloudy & warm.

Aug. 9 – 3.3 miles. Sunny & warm.

Aug. 10 – No walk today (packing day). Overcast and warm.

We arrived in Southampton, and we disembarked the ship at 10:15 am…

Our first task was to take a taxi to the Hertz car rental to get our waiting Ford Fiesta. Next stop… we call it  SIMPLY RED‘s House….

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