England to Wales – August 11, 2015

I have spent the last hour and a half typing up the events of August 11th, from disembarking the QM2 in Southampton, to renting a car, to dropping off our “on-board” luggage at the Lok’nStore, to driving on the M4, to stopping at a “rest area” to unsuccessfully attempt to make an ATM withdrawal, and was just starting to write about our arrival in Wales… when our cat, Winnie, jumped up on my lap, and consequently the laptop, and walked across the keyboard erasing the entire post… and now I am bored with this whole post and don’t want to redo it, so that is all I have to say. You will be able to read a better, and more interesting posting on The Mrs’ site anyway…

So on this day, we arrived in DALE… in Pembrokeshire…

3 thoughts on “England to Wales – August 11, 2015

  1. sooo sorry about that kitty! i wish you could somehow recover your posting, because i’m sure it was good! and i’m so far behind in my own postings about our trip, who knows when that’ll happen.


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