Last September after our return from our walking holiday in Wales and Ireland, I had blood vessels rupture in my left eye (diabetic retinopathy related). This caused partial blindness in the eye because of the pooling of blood. I had experienced a similar episode in my right eye with total blindness in July 2013. Since the initial rupture, I have had three opthamologists, several laser surgeries with over a thousand individual laser strikes in my eyes.  And now, I am going to have invasive surgery in the right eye to remove scar-tissue from the retina and replace the vitreous fluid which is still cloudy with pooled blood… My vision right now is correctable to 20/50 in the right eye and 20/20 in the left. Over the past few weeks as my vision has returned in the left eye, I have been able to read printed pages, see clearly at night, and depth perception returned…. Huzzah! I have been able to read using the computer by enlarging the type quite a bit, and started buying/borrowing books in Kindle format for the same reason. So life is good, and the gift of sight is still mine, with hopes for complete or nearly complete recuperation.

What this also means is my trying to return to documenting our holiday trip from my perspective…  The Mrs is way ahead now and has been posting video as well as photos! She recently posted about playing “tourists” in St. David’s, which was the end destination of our walking along the Pembrokeshire Coast.  Our next leg of the journey was to Ireland! But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Since I have been waiting for my eyes to heal, I have been entertaining myself by driving The Mrs crazy and building an acoustic dreadnought guitar… Today I am going to mix up some fresh shellac and start shellacking the neck and body. This is quite a project and I am thoroughly enjoying it!!

A couple photos to close this entry…

Sunrise March 1st

Trussrod set

Installing frets
Installing frets

2 thoughts on “Healing….

  1. Oh you poor thing, what a lot of treatment you’ve had to go through but it sound like your eyes are bouncing back, thank goodness. That is some kinda talent, to be able to build an acoustic guitar. Well done. You’ll have to post a video of you playing the finished instrument. 🙂

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