Doors, boats, flowers, & sheep (oh my!)

So a quick ramble through my many thoughts this morning before I get busy with so many projects…

Doors:  Every Thursday, one of my favorite bloggers ( Jean Reinhardt) posts a blog Called Thursday Doors. I just read her post from last week and felt moved to add my own reply to her post here with a picture of a door I have been meaning to post here for a long time… A couple notes for background first. Jean lives in Ireland. Ancestors on my father’s side came from Ireland before they came to America. On one trip back to Ireland my parent’s took in the ’90’s (I think), they were able to visit the house/building my ancestors had lived in. I do not know what town/village, even what County it is in, but here is the picture they took…


Boats: The Miss Mollie is in the water, and I hope to step the mast in the next couple of days. I just need some nice weather, and to get The Mrs to be my “Winch Wench”, and my bro Garrick to be my “Mast Muscler”. Very excited about all that.  So here is the Miss Mollie (an O’Day 22 footer, btw) from this morning…


and another view angle…


Flowers: I walked around the yard this morning with Chester (the lil’ tuxedo orphan kitty) and my cup o’ coffee admiring all the flowers The Mrs so wonderfully nurtures. So a coupla pics of those and a couple of my tomatoe, onion,  and rhubarb gardening efforts…

The last picture got out of place, it is a quick snap of the mast for Miss Mollie, and behind that is the Hi-Lu, and behind that is the kayak… and just peeking out from under the right side of the mast is my mother-in-law’s tan colored canoe…

Sheep: One of my other favorite bloggers is Charles Hawes . We met Charles and his wife, Anne, in Wales last year. They have the MOST unique and exquisite garden you could ever imagine!!! (I refer you to Anne’s blog,  Veddw ).  Anyway, Charles walks, photographs, and then blogs about these photogenic walks… and almost always includes a photo or two of sheep. So in honor of Charles, here are some sheep pictures because he did not have ANY sheep pics in his latest blog posting!!! Oh the humanity….



Welsh sheep


More Welsh sheep


ahhhh…. Chester, the Tuxedo, errrr, sheep-cat….

5 thoughts on “Doors, boats, flowers, & sheep (oh my!)

  1. Thanks for the lovely comment about my blog, Kevin. We bought ourselves a little river cruiser last year a Freeman, built sometime in the late ’60’s early ’70’s. Your photos are great – the plants, the boat and I love your cat. Can I reblog this post, please? Some of my blogging friends live in Ireland and might recognize the photo your parents took back in the 1990’s.


  2. Thank you for your comment Jean…. Yes, please reblog this, any help identifying the location of the old ancestral home would be quite appreciated! I remember reading a blog posting or 2 of yours about your boating adventures and got me to thinking about hiring a boat on our next trip to Ireland!


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