Grace’s Blog about Veddw

I’m guessing only a small handful of people will have any idea what the title means… Charles? Anne? John?  Did anyone make it??

The Mrs posted a blog entry about our visit to what WE consider the coolest and mostest wonderful garden IN THE WORLD…. Veddw, in Wales.

Here is the link to Grace’s blog posting about Veddw

Note: this is her third posting all  about the same day, presented in bite-sized pieces.  So, Charles, make sure you check out Part One…. Grace has gotten into the lavatory pictures groove and has an OUTSTANDING offering!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Grace’s Blog about Veddw

  1. Hey, am just a bit bowled over by this amazing intro – and I haven’t even read the posts yet. But I will. Immediately. But to be described as having “the coolest garden and most wonderful garden in in the world”. I am ***************** (speechless). And very touched. xx Charles. Yes, The Charles!!!!

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  2. The Charles and Kevin Mutual Admiration Society (International Chapter) is now in session…. Awww, shucks…. just call ’em as I see ’em….


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