Memories of Veddw

It is a cloudy, drizzly, and earlier this morning, foggy day, plus I am fighting the cold that is floating around, sooooooo… it is a good day to sit at the computer and reflect on our trip to Wales last August. I had started doing a chronological recap of our trip, but got so busy with other things that I stopped  after writing about our trip across the pond by ship. The Mrs has been keeping up with the journey on her site, and has posted a few entries about our visit to Veddw, an extraordinary garden located in Monmouthshire, Wales, UK. I feel motivated to jump into MY reflections about this day of trip even though I am due to write about our hike on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path…

When The Mrs & I decided last year that we wanted to spend a walking holiday in the UK, we finally settled on  somewhere in Wales (I have ancestral ties there but had never been there). And we started walking seriously (sorta) to get conditioned for our upcoming hike. I also started researching the internet to find out everything I could about hiking in Wales. And I came across the blog of a gentleman who had extensive experience hiking in Wales… Charles Hawes – Walking The Blog. I contacted Charles with many questions about the “best place” to hike in Wales and what equipment/gear would be suitable for our trip. In the exchanges back & forth, I felt I got to know Charles well, and appreciated his candor and wisdom. Turns out he and his wife, Anne Wareham, live on a property called Veddw, and they have created a wonderful and unique garden space on the property. The Mrs & I discussed visiting Veddw during our holiday after viewing their website, and we both felt it was REQUIRED!

So, after we finished walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path over a period of a week from Dale north to St. David’s, and then 4 days in Ireland. On Sunday, August 23rd, we visited the Gardens at Wyndcliffe Court, near Chepstow and Tintern first thing in the morning, in a fair bit of drizzly rain… We had tea and cake in the wonderful Tea Room, snuggled up nicely next to the fireplace.860


The Mrs next to a sculpture…

Then, we headed off for Veddw as the sun broke through the clouds…


They have their very own highway directional signage!!!

The Little White Car is our Wales rental car… Note the high-tech signage … I think Charles posted that just for us, knowing that we Colonials easily  get lost & confused…


First view of Veddw… and the view they have of the countryside is below…


I took 32 pictures of Veddw…. hardly enough!!! But The Mrs took bunches more (plus video) and she is posting photos on her blog (here) . I will try not to post duplicates of her pics… and I am not going to post all 32, either. I may refer to her pics in some cases (kinda like back-story, or He-said/She-said).




The reflecting pool… so COOL!!!! Anne discusses the challenges of getting the reflection to “work” in her book, The Bad Tempered GardenerSpeaking of her book, we bought a few copies of her book while at Veddw and had her sign them (some for gifting, some for keeping!)  I love the interplay of the organic curves of the hedges and the linear boundaries of the pool and paths…


The recurring poetry of the curve of the hedges echoes throughout the garden…



The Mrs had a couple pictures of the thistle plants on her last posting, and said how much she loved these… But in her photos you couldn’t really get an idea of the SIZE of these plants… as you can see, they are much taller than she is!!

I love this little pebble/water bowl with Charles’ and Anne’s names on the rim….


One more endearing photo of The Mrs….


And finally, a picture of Grace with Charles as we were saying our goodbyes…


At one point during our visit, it started to rain and so I scurried down to the house and sat on the sun-porch with Charles & Anne chatting while The Mrs continued to wander the garden taking pictures…  Charles then invited us to stay for tea, and I graciously accepted.  I assumed he actually meant tea, although from my time in Australia, I knew the in the Queen’s English, tea usually refers to dinner/supper.  A little while later, Charles said he just wanted to clarify that he meant just tea, not a meal, and explained that one time he had invited some other folks to stay for tea, but they expected the full tucker! I told him it was understood, and we were more than happy to just have tea… and biscuits!


It was then back to our B&B,  Parsons Grove Holiday Cottages

2 thoughts on “Memories of Veddw

  1. Wow, the two of you are doing an amazing job of bigging up our garden! Thanks so much. Are you competitive about your blog’s? Anne and I are. Well, in fact there is no competition as hers gets many more visits than I do. And now she has just blown me out of the water with her book “outwitting squirrels” which has sold 11,000 copies in the first year. So just to give you a boost, I think your pics are just a little better than Grace’s.


  2. First of all, CONGRATS to Anne for the 11k copies sold of Outwitting Squirrels! WooHoo!! Secondly, we are not so very competitive about our sites… Grace has been at it about 10 times longer and more dedicated to hers than I am mine. At one point, she made a series of postings about her gardens and was getting thousands of views! From China I believe!! I once had 28 views in one day… Thx for the compliments about the pictures…is this where I have to confess that I steal all my photos from Stock Photo sites?? 🙂


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