Sailboats, sunrise & moonrise… & Turtle Rescue

Today is HOT and Humid .   <did you see I “bolded” the period there?  The temperature when I got up this morning at 6:10 was already 79F with 80% humidity.  I decided I needed a quick run early before it got too hot, but between feeding the cats, watching the local morning news and weather, and drinking coffee, I didn’t make it out the door until just after 8:00. And by then the temp was only 80, but felt like 90. I decided an easy 2.5 miles in the shaded path of the UIS Challenge Course extension would be just dandy. Within a minute I was called upon to exert my super-powers and rescue a poor turtle sitting in the middle of the roadway of West Lake Drive. Poor turtle was sitting in the middle of the southbound lane with its little head sticking out of its shell… looking but not going anywhere. And I could hear a car approaching from the other side of the hill. I scooped up the turtle and carried it as I ran. It was about the size of a softball. So…according to my Garmin running watch/gps, I stopped at the 3:35 minute mark, which would be when I stopped in the woods and put the turtle on the ground right next to the water… Yay! One turtle rescued!!! The run after that was totally uneventful.

Note: I am working backwards on the events noted in the title.

Last night, my sister-in-law texted The Mrs and insisted we go look at the moon…. right that second!! This is why…


and a moment later


Sunrise from Sunday morning…


This just leaves sailboat stuff to mention.

The new Neil Pryde sail for the Hilu arrived… I originally ordered one built to fit a Sunfish, thinking that is what I had on the Hilu. (The Hilu is a 14′ outrigger sailboat kinda thingy built by AMF Alcort in the ’70s using the then Alcort Sunfish hardware and rigging.) Turns out, my Hilu has the mast/booms from a Minifish, which is smaller by a foot. I posted my mistake picture previously, so here is the follow-up picture of the Hilu with the CORRECT sized sail on it!!

This then brings us to the Miss Mollie, my O’Day22.  The past week or so has actually been pretty good for sailing on Lake Springfield… better yet, since The Mrs’ pontoon boat is still in the shop, she has been easy to coax out on the sailboat. I even woke her up early one morning after a glorious sunrise and we went out for a couple hours!



So, now I just wait to see what adventures unfold today!

7 thoughts on “Sailboats, sunrise & moonrise… & Turtle Rescue

  1. Beautiful photos, Kevin. We had a couple of hot days here but now it’s cloudy again. I thought 73 deg. in the shade was hot for here (at midday) but I think you beat that where you are. Enjoy the sailing, it looks fantastic.

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  2. Thanks Jean! Hope you are getting some boat time too… Our summers here in Illinois tend to get quite hot, and the humidity makes it unbearable at times! So of course, when I was working, I wore a wool uniform in the summer-time, and now that I am retired, I am a member of a Civil War (ours from the 1860’s that is) honor guard and we wear wool uniforms…


  3. You are, indeed, a,SuperHero. If anyone had found a turtle in the middle of any of the roads in my neck of the woods, it would have made the papers! I am pleasantly mystified by all the boat and sail talk. Though I very much get how nice it must be to be out on the water, I think that I would want my boat to take me somewhere. We had a nice orange moon last night but I’m sure yours was bigger. Greetings from the other side of the pond. Hope we can do a post Brexit trade deal.

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  4. haha, post-brexit trade deal! what kevin didn’t mention is that today he was wearing his SUPERMAN t-shirt! this isn’t the first time he’s save a turtle; a few years ago i came across a big snapping turtle on the road and stopped the car and wanted to save it, but then realized it would probably snap my hand off. luckily, i called kevin and he came over and brought his welding gloves and carried it to safety! i’m very happy to see the lovely photos of the moon from last night. as i recall, it wasn’t unbearable to be out last night, but right this moment, at 3:45 in the afternoon, it’s 95 F but feels like 114! so no point in being outside at all.

    charles, don’t they have turtles in wales? no welsh turtles???

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