Thursday Doors

Every Thursday I look forward to receiving an email entitled, “Thursday Doors” from Jean Reinhardt. I always tell myself I am going to start taking pictures of interesting doors I encounter, but as of yet, I still just wait to enjoy Jean’s!! This is her latest Thursday’s Doors posting….

Jean Reinhardt


As promised last week, Thursday Doors comes from Fota House once more. No blossoms this time as I’m focusing on the building itself. This image is of the front and the following one shows the rear.


Because we spent so long in the gardens that day (after all, the sun came out not long after we arrived) we missed the last guided tour of the interior of the house. However, I did manage to snap the reception area, with its beautifully paneled doors and windows.

From the outside, it doesn’t look too interesting, does it? Wait till you see the inside.


Beautifully restored plaster work above the fireplace.

Paneled walls and paneled doors.


The coffee and scones are delicious, too.


Just look at the height of those windows.

If this part of the house is anything to go by, I can’t wait to see the rest of it. Apparently, the classical…

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