It’s starting…

When The Mrs gets the travel bug, she starts researching, organizing, planning, plotting, comparing… and Map Study! She loves maps. And globes. She mentioned recently she wants to go back to Wales and continuing hiking along the Wales Coast Path… but then she talked about a trip to Mackinac Island, Michigan. Oh, and we are scheduled to go there yet this summer, and have our reservations and everything. We have talked in the past of going to Australia, partly because I have been there a number of times and have talked about how much I loved it. So tonight, she is researching a trip to Oz in all earnestness. She is comparing flight times, prices, and destinations… Sydney? Brisbane? Darwin? I have been from Melbourne north to Port Douglas, so I mentioned that I would like to go to either the North, or West…

Interestingly, The Mrs’s friend Jill has been trying to talk us into a trip to Iceland, which is a destination I’ve never really seriously considered. Then, this week I read a blog posting by a young Aussie who has been to Iceland, and it looks INCREDIBLE! Here is her post… The Icelandic South CoastI commented on her post, and lamented that I couldn’t decide now between north to Iceland, or south, Downunder…. She recommends Iceland!

Well… The Mrs has already identified and priced a 10 day walking trip, and it is through a company we have used in the past when we walked in Wales, Mac Adventure… so the planning has begun…

7 thoughts on “It’s starting…

  1. i don’t know. the great sale on tix to australia has come and gone, but iceland? i just don’t know. my goal for the next few days is to FINALLY finish posting about our trip to wales,. and, of course, i’m very very busy planning festivities for your UPCOMING BIRTHDAY!

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  2. I will certainly do my best not to let you down… Although, honestly, The Mrs is much better at making timely travel posts on her blog… but I am trying to be better 🙂


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