Aaaack! plus 8 Knots…plus

It has been quite a busy week and hardly seems to be slowing down! Last weekend I had an N-SSA sanctioned Skirmish at the Sandy Ford Sportsman’s Club, near Streator, IL. I arrived Friday afternoon, setup the pop-up camper, and then went into the little town of Leonore (pop. 110) for supper. It is a tradition for the members of 114th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Company G shooting team to eat at Smitty’s Bar & Grill the Friday before competition. They  have an all you can eat fish buffet on Friday evening when we are there, and the cod was superb this time. Half of us got the fish, the other half ordered the pork tenderloin…


Saturday morning we got to the range and shot individual targets. I shot my rifled musket (an 1847 dated original Mississippi rifle), Maynard carbine, Springfield 1842 smoothbore musket, and 1860 Colt Navy revolver. I was feeling a bit out of sorts all morning and felt increasingly ill all morning. So besides feeling like crap, I shot like crap! My smoothbore has been my “old reliable” all through my blindness issues, but the front barrel band spring broke after my second shot, and put the smoothie out of commission. The Missy was patterning like a shotgun; the Maynard was okay, but I am still learning to shoot it left-eyed and so am still inconsistent. I did okay with the revolver, but was so fatigued by the time I shot it late morning, I could not hold it steady. After the morning individuals I told our team captain I couldn’t compete in the team shoots, and went back to the popup and slept for most of the afternoon. Ate some nutrition bars for supper and slept most of the evening and then all night. I found a couple old Imodium A-D tablets in my shaving kit that were not too old and took them to combat some “intestinal issues” I had visit me throughout the day.

Sunday morning I awoke feeling better, and quite hungry. I joined the team for breakfast, ate a plate full of eggs (over easy), hash browns, breakfast sausage, washed down with the most awful bitter black coffee I can remember. I don’t like eggs. I avoid fried foods as much as possible. Hate sausage. I pamper my palate with a delicate morning brew of hazelnut/hazelnut cream coffee most days. After the day before, I ate the above mentioned breaky with vim, vigor, and glee.

Sunday morning, the team competitions culminate with the Rifled Musket shoot, which is usually a pretty good event for me. Since my team captain did not know if I would be well enough to shoot, he had not assigned me to either our A or B team. There were 4 unassigned shooters this morning, so I was made the team captain of a Provost Team (the orphans, don’t you know…). In a nutshell, I couldn’t hit anything on the first two (50-yeard) stages, and was able to only hit 1 target on each of the remaining 2 50-yard and 1 100-yard stages. We did not win any medals. It appeared my Missy was shooting about 18″ to the right of where I was aiming!!! ?????

But I was awarded a medal for Individual Revolver, for 2nd place… big surprise there!

Revolver medal

Now let me jump ahead to Tuesday…. I was inspecting my garden and noticed some of the green tomatoes had been half eaten… Upon closer examination… ACK!!! I had an infestation of Horn-worms!!! The dreaded Manduca sexta  . I plucked the horde – well, the 4 of them – from my tomato plants and tossed them in the lake. Fish supposedly like them.


Garden made safe for another day!

Later in the day on Tuesday, the wind started to pick up, so The Mrs and I raised sails and spent a bit over an hour zig-zagging across the lake. Wind speed was a consistent 8 knots when we first started out, but then started to pick up and by the time we got to about center of the basin, wind was up to 12 & 13 knots. We were zooming along, and this was the fastest we have ever gone on the Miss Mollie! WooHoo! It was fun, and our confidence in both Miss Mollie and our own sailing abilities greatly increased. Wonderful time on the water!!

6 thoughts on “Aaaack! plus 8 Knots…plus

    1. It is challenging sometimes, but heck, I get to make lots of smoke and flame, and my hands are totally black when it’s all done, so it is perfect for a 59 year old guy who acts like he is 14!

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  1. first of all – i guess it seems kinda sad to me that you only like eggs if you’ve been sick! i could eat some eggs right now! and secondly, re: confidence in “our” sailing abilities, by that of course it’s YOU who’s getting the hang of it!

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    1. I will never discourage you from eating eggs, dear… In fact the more you eat the better, cuz then I don’t have worry that I might accidentally eat one! :p As far as the sailing, we are both gaining confidence cuz you no longer shriek when the wind kicks up and the boat heels over !


  2. I’m glad your chickens enjoy the hornworms, Judy! That means that have have some natural enemies! Many years ago I had Araucana chickens, and they just loved grubs!


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