Thursday Doors – Wales

Just over 1 year ago, The Mrs & I took a walking holiday along a portion of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales, UK. At the time, I primarily took pictures of the incredible landscape and scenery, but did actually capture a couple of doors. This first was a gorgeous little house in Marloes.


A couple days later, we walked to St. Bride’s and saw this little archway that faces the bay…


This is the front door to the lovely B&B/pub we stayed at in Solva, The Cambrian Inn.  Our room was on the top (3rd) floor behind the little 6 panel window you can see to the left in the photo…


The last door is actually the gate of the main entry to the Flying Boat Centre Museum in Pembroke. We spent a couple hours in the museum talking to various highly knowledgeable and friendly staff members, and had scones and coffee and tea in their little refreshment area.



Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. It is courtesy of Norm 2.0


14 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Wales

  1. Oh I love them all, but especially the last one with the iron gate IN the arch! How lovely!

    Funny thing about this post — years ago we stayed in the Cambrian Hotel in Atlanta, and it was ultra modern. All I could think was “Are they trying to be ironic, or did they just think it was a pretty word?” lol! Your Cambrian Inn at least harkens back! 🙂

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    1. I have only been through Atlanta a couple times, never stayed there (except for being stuck at the airport waiting for a delayed flight, once.) Never witnessed much of a Welsh presence there, but the Cambrian Inn I highlighted at least IS in Wales… 🙂

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