Thursday Doors – Beatrix Potter

For this week’s Thursday Doors I decided to post a picture from our bicycle trip in Scotland from a few years back. This picture was taken in the Beatrix Potter Garden in the village of Birnam in Perthshire. We were riding through Birnam and stopped for a delightful lunch at the Birnam Arts Center next to the Garden and across the street from the Birnam House Hotel.


I believe this is the front doorway to the home of Mr. Tod, the fox. I would guess foxes don’t have doors because they do not have opposable thumbs…

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Visit Norm 2.0 for more doors and details!!!

14 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Beatrix Potter

    1. It was, first of all, a wonderful treat to stop there, and secondly, I cannot take credit for it, as The Mrs is our navigator. While I was familiar with some of the Beatrix Potter stories, The Mrs not only knew the stories, but was also versed in the life story of Beatrix!


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