Spc3 – Nick Hughes


Dad’s funeral visitation/services/mass culminated with his graveside ceremony at the Rock Island Arsenal and National Cemetery . He is now buried next to Mom, and as both are Military Vets, they each have their own grave marker. Due to security procedures, we were not able to visit Mom’s grave. The Army needs advance notice of our visit, and we have to provide authorized ID (ie. Passport…). We’ll go back for a visit after Dad’s marker is set.



Rest In Peace, Dad and Mom. And thank you for your service!

3 thoughts on “Spc3 – Nick Hughes

  1. I also am sad for you and want to add my apologies. My mom is already at our National cemetery, along with David’s dad, waiting til the day my Dad joins her, he is the service member. I too appreciate his service and hope you find solace, the holidays will be tough this year on all of us.

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  2. Thanks Kim! It was bittersweet being at the National Cemetery and looking out over the rows of markers honoring our Heroes while Taps was playing in honor of my Dad… and humbling… My respect and gratitude to you and your Heroes too!

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