Thursday Doors – Spencer House Barn

The building known as “The Spencer House” is situated on the northeast corner of the campus of the University of Illinois – Springfield. The Spencer House served as the home of the university presidents in days of old, later serving as the offices of the Campus Alumni Association. Before the State of Illinois took possession of the land in 1969, the property was a 465 acre farm belonging to the McClelland family. The original McClelland home on the farm was a walnut 2 room, 2 story log cabin, built in 1836. The log cabin was eventually expanded to a total of 8 rooms, 4 downstairs and 4 up. This home was torn down to be replaced by the Spencer House.

My doors today are the three doors on the McClelland barn (the doors on the Spencer House are plain and boring modern jobbers…).

Door #1


West side of barn.

Door #2


South side of barn.

Door #3


East side of barn.

One final historical note…one of the McClelland nephews, Thomas McClelland, was a volunteer in Company C, 114th Illinois Infantry, during the American Civil War. He was captured at the the battle of Guntown, Mississippi, on June 11, 1864, and spent four months in Andersonville prison, where starvation reduced him from 160 to 100 pounds.  If you read my previous post, you might recall that I am a private in the Reactivated 114th Illinois Infantry… And I am not on starvation rations and weigh above 100 pounds.

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Visit Norm 2.0 for more doors and details.

19 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Spencer House Barn

  1. Thx Kim…I’d like to poke around in this barn, but pretty sure all that is in there these days are some raccoons and ground hogs… One time, in the last century, I was on patrol in northern Illinois and stumbled across an old abandoned barn in the middle of nowhere and stopped to check it out. There was an old, old Ford Model T inside with wooden spoke wheels, and lots of dust . Wish now I would have tried to find the owner of the barn and bought that old Ford…

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  2. A nice bit of history to these last two posts. Poor Thomas lost an awful lot of weight in a short period of time. I love the shots of the old wooden barns, or are they a mix of wood and metal? Ours are mostly all made of corrugated metal here. I much prefer the wood.

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  3. Hi Jean! I guess my training as an historian snuck out in these posts 😉 . The barn body itself is wood, the roof is galvanized metal, and part of the foundation is brick and mortar, and part is cement, and part is just dirt… I too love the wooden barns!


  4. nice research! i was in the spencer house when it was actually somebody’s house, but i can’t say i remember what it looked like then. nice but regular. it used to be such a huge piece of property! well, i guess maybe it was the same size as it is now, with the field in back where we walk? i’m not very good with acres, but it seems that maybe there’s not as much farm now, replace by soccer fields.

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