Thursday Door – Wyndcliffe, Chepstow

First order of business – Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Visit Norm 2.0 for more doors and details.

Second on the docket – My door this week is from our trip to Wales last year. We had a plan to visit the Gardens at Veddw one afternoon, and have tea with the owners, Charles Hawes and Anne Wareham. The Mrs had discovered a nearby Sculpture Garden during her research phase, so we planned to visit there in the morning. We arrived at Wyndcliffe Court Gardens, near Chepstow, in Monmouthshire, Wales late morning. Clouds were building, and it started to rain so we stayed inside for just a bit waiting for the rain to ease up before we began our tour of the gardens. There is a wonderful little summerhouse, and photo one is of the doorway on the upper level…


On the lower level on the back side of the house is what I surmise to be some sort of Hobbit Door. (The Mrs insists it is a window, but since this is my Thurs DOORS posting, it is a door for today…)


Following our tour of the gardens, we sat on a very comfy sofa next to the fireplace and enjoyed tea and scones while the rain tapped on the windows…


Note #1 – The china pattern of that little teapot is the same pattern as my mother’s china set!!

Note #2 – I just found out today that Wyndcliffe Court Gardens permanently closed their doors on 25 September, 2016…

Note #3 – After enjoying our tea, we went and spent a wonderful afternoon at Veddw!!


20 thoughts on “Thursday Door – Wyndcliffe, Chepstow

  1. Hey Kevin. Nice to see a local door. But nicest to see Grace. I hope she gave you the telling off today that you deserve. Having said said, am sorry for the puppy debacle. At least none of you lost a limb.

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  2. Hi Charles! Thanks for the lovely card… it arrived yesterday, we were excited to receive an envelope from across the Pond! It was sad to send the puppy off to another adoptive family, but since we live in a Cat House, the three felines had the final vote… On the bright side, our travel plans for the coming year stand… Oh, and I figure it is my duty to constantly give Grace a reason to tell me off… keeps her lungs strong doncha know!! Did you know that Wyndcliffe was closing? Was it too expensive for them to stay open??


    1. Happy New Year Janet, and yes, it is a real shame it closed. Thx for the vote for Hobbit Door, and it seems to me it is your fault afterall, because I am certain it was reading your past posting(s) about HDs that filled my head with the whole concept!!!


  3. Love the post and how cool to have had tea with the set that was similar to your mom’s – super special.
    And they closed their doors??? I know businesses shut down and come and go – but there is always that feeling of finality – hm
    Anyhow – I was right there with you as the rain tapped and as the scones and tea were to be enjoyed – mmmm

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  4. the wyndcliffe garden was fine, probably would have been better if it hadn’t been rainy and cold…but i’ll never forget that idyllic, cozy lunch we had there by the roaring fire. lunch on a couch, delicious food, and you…perfect!

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