Tying the loose ends….

Okay, one last thing today…

When I was searching for door pics for Thursday Doors this week, I searched through my hundreds of pictures from our trip to Wales & Ireland from last year. I found the doors I wanted in the series from our visit to Wyndcliffe Gardens. There were so many cool pictures (and wonderful memories), so I included a few non-door pics. Loose end #1 is all the other pictures I didn’t include from Wyndcliffe. Earlier this morning I read and replied to a comment from Gordon about my Thursday Door posting, and that spring-boarded me into making another posting about about Wyndcliffe including pictures of a non-door although-another-sort-of-portal. Loose end #2 is one MORE picture from Wyndcliffe I really really want to post. So to make this last photo posting flow in with these recent postings, I defer back to my posting about the 27th letter of the English alphabet dated Dec. 28th… All tied up now….

and per se and

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