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I am just now trying to catch up on all the New Year’s Day postings by all the bloggers I follow. I spent yesterday, New Year’s Day, outside most of the day, so I spent very little time with either the computer or the iPad… It was a sunny and brisk day (in the 40’s), with little wind blowing, so no wind chill to notice.

So a theme from a number of people is Resolutions. I seem to remember making my last NY resolution sometime in the last century. I resolved to never make another resolution ever again. Have pretty much stuck with that one too. Too laid-back otherwise, I guess. Instead, I have mentally made a list of Goals for this year.

Travel and camp and hike more. The Mrs is already planning this for us, so I guess I am cheating… But she is such a great travel planner/organizer! I only get in the way. So, she mentioned Florida, I added, “what about Gulf Shores and then New Orleans?” Goal being objectified and progressing towards execution…. And this also includes planning an overseas trip to explore more of the UK, maybe EU. We already have our train reservations to/from New York, so the framework of the trip is established. Next is our transatlantic ship bookings (I hate flying commercially! HATE it!!!). And then we just have to fill in the little tiny eensy-weensy details from there. You know, who, what, where, when, how. And HOW MUCH??? My one demand for the trip is to visit Charles and Anne at Veddw…the rest, I defer to The Mrs.

Writing. A great number of the bloggers I follow participate in unique Challenges online. I find them interesting, but have not felt compelled to join in (except for Norm’s Thursday Doors – but this is about photos of doors, not a writing challenge). I am setting my own challenge in response therefore. My writing goal is to edit my own historical writings from the past and publish them on line, specifically my senior thesis (about Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli, OP), and my Master’s Thesis (about the Origins of the Illinois State Police.) I also have some of my (non-history themed) creative writings I kept from my writing classes that I would like to revisit and post…

PostScript. “Keep up…”, the title of this posting comes from (drum roll)… The Mrs! The very first time I EVER saw The (future) Mrs, was at one of her one-woman comedy shows back in 2004. She was talking about how she’ll start talking about one thing, then zoom off in another direction with another thought and so on, and it is important to KEEP UP and not get that glazed and confused look on your face that (some) men get when she is talking to them (Not ME, right dear?).

8 thoughts on “Keep up…

  1. hahaha, and keep up! i would be happy for some input about where we’ll go and what we’ll see, because i do have a tendency to obsess way too much about each little detail about a trip.

    You have many lofty plans for the new year, and i’m not entirely sure how you’ll accomplish them, what with the many things that keep you busy on your new ipad! not to mention all the hiking we’ll be doing in preparation for our big summer trip which will include hiking, plus the many many other things that will happen this year…..but i have every confidence in you!

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    1. Thanks sweetheart! Just for that I’ll buy you a coffee and a Beignet at Cafe du Monde. My treat!! And as far as my lofty plans, I even looked for my writing journal from my Master’s writing classes yesterday… didn’t find it, but I still have hope I’ll find it….


  2. Happy New Year my well-armed friend. Delighted and honoured that you should make a return visit a priority. And you must have a night in our railway carriage (though, warning, it does not have a shower, but does have hot water and a proper toilet). And we must have a walk, so that I can find all your faults and foibles. Can’t wait.

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    1. A night in the carriage sounds absolutely TOO COOL! I am making the assumption you no longer store bags of compost in it since it has running water and a loo… I don’t think we will have time to take a walk long enough for you to learn about ALL my faults and foibles!!


  3. So, this post you posted post haste was very good indeed! Good luck on all of your goal setting and happy travels! I can’t wait to hear of all the places you visit in the coming year!

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      1. I will live vicariously through you then! It will be awhile until we are able to go anywhere, due to David’s issues. Maybe by summertime (*sigh*). I’ll be following along as you share your adventures!

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