Thursday Doors – South Saint Paul

Context first: Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Visit Norm 2.0 for more doors and details. When you get to Norm’s site….USE THE BLUE FROG, LUKE!!!

Disclaimer: The following 3 photographs might be slightly disturbing for the meek, the easily intimidated, or the normally adjusted… so proceed at your own risk.

Who: Two young US Army vets and their new and growing family.

What: The little house they were renting in a new, growing, working class subdivision.

When: It was winter of 1958. In December. Sometime before Christmas.

Where: South St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

Exhibit #1: First photo showing the front of house, and how basic it was. This is your Two-fer shot… front door and side door all in one view!!


Exhibit #2: Second photo showing the back of the house, and how stark the little subdivision was.


Exhibit #3: Third photo is a close up of the front door and, clockwise from the lower left, Lobo (German Shepherd pup), Nancee (ret. Sgt WAC), Nickie (oldest human pup), Kevie (future Old Guy Walking and second oldest human pup).


Summary: The fanciest part of the whole house is/was the metal scroll-work holding the number plate… and I STILL have mittens on a string that goes from one to the other!

12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – South Saint Paul

  1. Millions of houses just like that one. Our house started out looking not much different than this. We’ve expanded, out and up, but the lot is still small and a lot of houses in the neighborhood still look like they did in the 60s. Greta old photos. I remember thos screen doors.

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  2. BRRRRRR. mittens on a string? i definitely need some mittens on a string! along with car keys on a string, hats on a string, most of my possessions on a string so i won’t keep losing them all the time.

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    1. You have ALWAYS had longer legs than me, so it took me 3 times as long to get up any hill you were going up… although, I probably just stayed at the bottom of the hill and yelled at you!


  3. Thx for checking in and adding a comment big brother! I am afraid that I really don’t remember the yard at all. I do remember the two of us running into the living room from a hallway while Mom was cooking something in kitchen….


  4. We lived in the same house!!!! Almost exactly! Ours was in a housing project built for veterans after WWII in Indiana. Every house was identical except for the shingle color. Ours was yellow! The kids all loved it there because there was a bizzilion kids to play with. My dad planted shrubs around the perimeter of our yard. We played kick ball in the street and the ball would always go inside the shrubs and we would jump over them to retrieve the ball. Needless to say those shrubs took a beating and when my dad was home from work and the ball came into the yard he took the ball for a few days to give the shrubs a rest! What great memories from that place!

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  5. Your comment/memory gives me the BIGGEST smile! Thanks for sharing your story… my only memories of our house were being inside, although my older brother would have been outside always, hot/cold/sun/rain/snow whatever….


  6. A classic, including the car in the second shot. 🙂 Although the house I grew up in wasn’t that style, it certainly wasn’t big at all. My, how times have changed! Now I see so many enormous homes and wonder how people can not only afford to buy them, but to buy the furniture to go in all the rooms, and pay for taxes and utilities! The people with all the children, who could use homes that size, certainty can’t.


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  7. Even down here in the sticks of Illinois (Spring-patch), the new McMansions are the rule these days!! Just astounding! I would love to have that old car, right! Or even its replacement, a 1959 Chevy Station wagon with the horizontal fins in the back and chrome jet shapes on the front fenders!!


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