Thursday Doors – The Cat’s Meow!

This is the reason why:

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Visit Norm 2.0 for more doors and details. When you get to Norm’s site, look for  The Blue Frog.

…the Blue Frog… I think that’s the name of a cheap wine I drank once in college. But I can’t remember…

First Door is of the storm door leading to our fenced back yard, highlighting, of course, the cat door I installed a few years ago to allow the cats to go outside without me having to get off my butt all the time…


Kind of a Two Doors in One offering.

Second Door is the sliding door from the hot tub room to the same fenced back yard. Two things I would like to point out. #1 – The cat is Lester, who we have aptly named, The Escape Artist! (click this link to see Grace’s video explaining WHY!) and, B) the hot tub died so now this room serves as our winter greenhouse for all the plants we have in pots on the deck in the summer. Lots of FLOWERS!!


This Third Door picture is a Find-the-Threeper Doors picture!


This final picture is just~cuz…. Just Cuz today is so wonderfully sunny and the colors of the living leaves and flowers happily enlighten my day this day, I just had to share!!



10 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – The Cat’s Meow!

  1. Beautiful plants in that last photo. Cat doors are great if you don’t have a feline friend who insists on bringing home headless shrews. One of our cats had a habit of doing this and we would find them around the house. 😮

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  2. Isn’t that how cats tell you they love you? We have had live birds and chipmunks carried in through the cat door…. There is nothing as thrilling as trying to channel a live and terrified bird out an open door or window while at the same time trying to keep the cats iniside!!

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