Good Morning Daffodil!

I stepped out the front door this morning and noticed a winking of bright yellow to the left side of the walkway… A little daffodil had bloomed overnight and was greeting me !


I also notice a couple of the hyacinths are about to burst open in bloom… WooHoo!


Hope today is the start of a wonderful week for you!!

4 thoughts on “Good Morning Daffodil!

  1. That is so sweet! I love that you share your sensitive side, I mean, who doesn’t love flowers?! My roses are blooming already too, with recent rains and warm to cold to warm temps…poor things are confused. Happy Monday morning to ya!!

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  2. Thx Kim!! I do love flowers! It also gives me a good feeling to see them bloom every year, in what I take to be a visual symphony of joy and appreciation for the care I give them…. Wow, sounds kinda narcissistic doesn’t it? Maybe I should plant some of those this year!


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