Thursday Doors… NOLA

The Mrs & I just returned home yesterday evening after almost 2 weeks on holiday in coastal Alabama and Louisiana. We packed up the van with all sorts of travel and vacation stuff. Pretty much anything we imagined we could want, need, use. Well, everything except my FujiXP digital camera with full charged battery and totally empty 32GB memory card. I dutifully left it sitting next to my computer as we left the house. So, my Thursday Doors photos were taken with my old-dumb-flip fone “camera function”. I think the image quality is measured in Crayola-MessyBits…

All these photos were taken in the Garden District of New Orleans on Tuesday, March 14th. We walked just about 10 miles this days…whew…

NOLA glass doorwayNOLA round window door

NOLA moss steps
I confess I noticed the ivy growing on the steps before I noted the door…. (sorry Norm)

NOLA corncob house

This last doorway, as well as the attached house/mansion AND metal corncob fence, is for sale, FYI…

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Visit Norm 2.0 for more doors and details. When you get to Norm’s site, look for The Blue Frog rectangular box thingie and click-it.


16 thoughts on “Thursday Doors… NOLA

  1. nice photos! someday i will post my photos of our trip…it’s funny, i couldn’t even remember seeing one of those doors; i think it’s because i was so overly-tired from walking much too far. next time the trolley is jam-packed with too many people we should take a cab!

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    1. I seem to remember that we had agreed that morning as we left the B&B that we were not going to do much walking at all… afterall, we are not Charles Hawes!!!!


  2. Hope you and the Mrs are well! TBH I think the doors are a little dull but the multi – herbaceous fence is fasicinating. If a little scary. I mean no one in the UK would do that so why are we so different?

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  3. Sorry, Kevin, that was rude to say your doors well dull and Grace is probably wanting to give me a slap. I had been collecting pics of urinals but the novelty is wearing off. It’s just too subtle?

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    1. No worries about the dull doors comment… and speaking of urinals, you realise that because of you I will occasionally post a urinal photo in your honor?


  4. Hey, it’s never really about the camera. Well, maybe sometimes. But not usually. Oh no, I am digging myself into a pit here. Time to stop digging. Hugs both,

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  5. but what about the fence with corn on it, charles? surely you don’t have a lot of that over there in wales??? i know we have more/better photos of the whole delightful fence…

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  6. It’s not about the camera as much as the composition and of course the loveliness of the doors 😀
    You did well on both of those fronts. I so hope to get back to New Orleans one day. The one time I was there was for business many years ago and I really didn’t have time to explore and appreciate the architecture as much as I would now.
    Great post :-0

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    1. Thanks for the compliments and encouragement Norm!!! We stayed in a B&B in Algiers Point, and we talked about taking time to wander around there and enjoy and photograph the architecture, but just ran out of time!!!

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    1. Guten Tag Tanja! Danke! We found some beautiful neighborhoods in New Orleans! We were in Austria in 2009, and had a wonderful overnight stay in Emmersdorf at Hotel zum Schwarzen Bären while on a bicycle tour along the Danau. (I see there is also a zum Schwarzen Bären in Linz)…

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