I confess, I’m a… Librocubicularist!

THE BACKGROUND:  The Mrs & I were driving home yesterday afternoon after a 2 hour meeting, and she pointed out a NEW Coffee Shop on Toronto Road that we hadn’t seen before (Free Press Coffee House). I slowed down immediately and turned into the parking lot. We went inside (da-da-da-daaaaa! ominous music plays…). The Mrs ordered a Turmeric Tea & I ordered a cup of their house java brew and a scone to share (da-da-DAAAH! more ominous music….). We sat at a big high-top lazy-susan table, equipped with a Trivial Pursuit game for customers to play. We started reading the cards to each other and, and, and it was then and there I discovered I am a Librocubicularist! The Mrs admitted to dabbling at being one, but I am truly one… “hi kevin!”  And it has only gotten worse since I got an iPad for Christmas 3 months ago.

I checked on my iPad and in my bedroom to verify just where this behavior has led me. The following people’s names came up pretty prominently: Jean Reinhardt, Helen Jones, Terri Webster Schrandt, K.F. Breene, Larry Correia, Linda G. Hill , Guy Thair, Fay Keenan, Michael KleenWalter Tevis… even Carrie Fisher! Yikes!

Oh, seems I forgot to tell you just what this compulsion is!


librocubicularist (plural librocubicularists)

  1. (rare) A person who reads in bed.

Source: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/librocubicularist


Oh, and all those names are authors whose works I have read & enjoyed while in bed btw!!!!

20 thoughts on “I confess, I’m a… Librocubicularist!

    1. I believe that practice is also covered by this term, yes! Please apologise to Anne that I never indulged in this with her books, only because as much as I laughed when reading them, I would have kept Grace awake!!!


    1. Thx Charles! That means alot to me coming from you! Those light shafts were a serendipitous capture that I did not know would turn out so well until after I transferred the images to my computer! Only credit I can claim is being in the right spot at the right time…


  1. hahaha! you neglected to mention that it was a dreaded TAX meeting…which was actually much nicer than doing them ourselves. whew, that’s over with til next year, thank goodness.

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  2. Reading in bed is the best, and regardless of how late or tired I am before I turn off of the light, there is a prerequisite for at least 10 minutes of reading. It helps to slow the world down.

    What jumped out at me though was the Trivial Pursuit game at the table in the coffee shop. Well done, Free Press Coffee House. We need more of that ‘people interaction’ stuff and less of individuals ‘staring at their phones’ stuff.

    … although I have to admit that since I’ve become an avid user of the Kindle app, I too spend my spare time waiting for trains, people, etc by staring at my phone …

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  3. I did find the Trivial Pursuit game access a wonderful alternative to the solitariness of being totally absorbed in a handheld device when you are spending time with other people! I do try to spend my “play” time as I get older on brain-games to keep the synapses active, but I confess my first “go-to” game on the iPad is PvZ2….


  4. yesterday i forgot to mention that turmeric tea. i decided to try it because i’d never heard of such a thing, and i’m always happy to try something new, tea-wise. well…it wasn’t totally terrible, but it did smell sort of like some kind of cleaning product, not like turmeric at all, but actually i don’t think that spice really has much of a smell anyway. i added milk to it, and drank most of it, but i won’t be trying that again.

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  5. I’m delighted to have played a part in your ‘librocubicularistic’ behaviour Kevin. I think I suffer from the same ailment. At least now I can put a name to it. Love the beautiful arch in your photo.

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  6. There must be a variation to cover someone who reads in bed whilst waiting for resident cat to come back in through the (upstairs) bedroom window (he has a route!) before the forecast rainstorm sets in (closing the window beforehand being a necessity, of course).

    If not I shall invent “Librocubicatularist”. Or maybe Librocubiresidentcatcularist?

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  7. hahahaha john! we are servants to our cats; if i told you how many times i have to get up in the night because of the cats you wouldn’t believe me!

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