ROUND??? Yes, really…!!!

It is ALL Tanja’s fault. Tanja blogs about her travels @ “the Red Phone Box Travels” .   In one of her posts, she asked if anyone would be interested in doing a Post Card Exchange. Like with REAL post cards. That require handwriting on and actually putting a real postage stamp on, and actually either putting them in a post box or dropping them off at a Post Office. I said I was interested immediately… I mean, how cool is that?  When I was a boy (as opposed to a chicken? or a goat? Oh wait, I would have been just a kid then….) Any way, as I was saying, when I was just a wee lad in grade school, I had a pen pal in South Korea. Then when I was in high school, I had a couple pen pals in Germany and Austria who I would write back and forth to in German, and they would write to me in English. So we could improve our foreign language skills. I loved having pen pals!

So to me, the post card pal is similar, except instead of working on improving language skills, I guess we are working on improving our world traveler skills!

I digressed…. So, I now have 4 Post Card Pals. 1 in the USA, 1 in Croatia, 1 in the UK, and 1 in New Zealand!!! And today I wrote them all my first post card, and headed out to the post office to purchase the appropriate postage and SEND THEM AROUND THE WORLD!!! 3 of my 4 required International postage of only $1.20. And it requires a SPECIAL stamp. and the SPECIAL stamp is…. like, WOW…. ROUND! A round stamp! I have never seen a round stamp! How can they even MAKE a round stamp? (okay, just kidding about that…) I commented to the Postal Dude, Dennis, about the uniqueness of the round stamp. He said, as far as he was aware, this was the first round US postage stamp… wow…

round stamp

OOOPS… Tanja, SPOILERS! I had wanted the round stamp to be as much a surprise for you as me…. Na schön.

So, what it comes down to, is if Tanja hadn’t started her Post Card Exchange, and if I hadn’t been so excited about it, and if I hadn’t followed through with my post card sending today, I probably would have never ever seen a round US postage stamp in my entire life. Glorious Serendipity!!!

13 thoughts on “ROUND??? Yes, really…!!!

  1. fabulous and exciting! i have many many questions about this, but luckily you are sitting here in the living room with me so i can ask you in person! i hope you brought home some round stamps!

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    1. Well, the sad thing is, I didn’t buy an extra stamp, but I too wish I had! But next time I certainly will!! PLUS… when I gave Tanja my mailing info for the post carding, I included your name with mine as well, so you too can send postcards with Round Stamps to OUR new pen pals!


  2. I send postcards occasionally but found choosing them and then getting a stamp was a chore. Usually I didn’t like the views on offer . Then i discovered the Touchnote app, which i love. With it you take your own pic on your phone, so it is truly personal. Then you just write it, caption even, populate the address from contacts and upload it and it gets sent anywhere in the world for the same price. And it’s not expensive. I do understand the excitement of the round stamp but we don’t have them in the UK. And besides, my writing is pants (my hand, that is, not the content). Toodle pip.

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    1. Well, I never heard of Touchnote before… I tried to find it with my old dumb-phone, but it just beeped a few notes and dialed a restaurant… YIKES! Okay, so I will send you a post card with a round stamp! And will buy one for Grace too so everyone will have a round stamp!! 😀 Okay, you got me on “my writing is pants…” This Colonial has NEVER heard that expression…. care to explain?


    1. The “forever” is crossed out to prevent one from copying the image and printing your own stamps at home for free (I copied this image from the Postal Service website…). As far as the size, I guess that means you viewed this posting on your computer, however, if you viewed it on your smartphone, I’m guessing it would be much smaller… (that’s what she said…)


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