Another case of… Water-Dooring!!

It is Thursday, and I am actually going to post my Thursday Doors on a Thursday this week! Awesome, right?!

The Background…. We launched The Mrs’s pontoon boat this week! I had to buy a new battery for it first, but everything else was ready to go (for the most part). So we took a nice putt-putt around our end of the lake, into a couple coves, and I snapped a few pictures of doors that are only visible from the water. Hence, Water-Dooring!

Log Boat Cabin – It’s a Two-fer!!


Cute, but has seen Better Days….
The Blue Heron House… See the visiting Goose (from Canada no less)?
A 4-fer?? or Quad-fer????

My Hilu ended up in the rip rap at this house the time I fell off and the Hilu sailed away all by herself…

We decided the white gourd thingies are also Purple Martin Houses…
These don’t count as doors, I assume…

Thursday Doors is a weekly challenge for door-enlightened souls (even if we are water-logged) in search of group-inclusiveness. It is the blog-child of Norm 2.0. Want to see more doors from around the globe? Go to his site HERE and click on the blue-rectangle-encased-frogโ€ฆ

23 thoughts on “Another case of… Water-Dooring!!

    1. It is a special little house with the birds making it their own. It was also interesting that the heron stayed put in front of the door as I drove the boat close enough to take a photo because they normally fly off squawking in protest if you just look at them from across the lake!! Have you ever noticed how they look like pterodactyls ? Referring to a previous blog post I read by a true genius, maybe what we assume are pterodactyl skeletons are just herons!?!

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      1. Oh my goodness! While I did speculate that there was a good chance dinosaurs were pieced together with any old random combination of dinosaur bones, I hadn’t taken into account the possibility of either adding seemingly unrelated animal bones into the mix, or recreating currently existing animals. ๐Ÿ˜†

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    1. I agree, so I just had to share them … We had a goose lay an egg down on our dock a week or so ago, but a raccoon ate it overnight… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I felt bad for the geese, and kept thinking I should have camped out on the dock overnight to protect the egg… maybe next time….

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  1. i didn’t know that’s where your hilu ended up! also, i’ve looked at that log cabin boat house a billion times and never even noticed that it’s made of logs. NOT very observant for me.

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    1. I think it is because we normally are so interested in their garden that we don’t pay much attention to the boat house. But now that we are Door-Obsessives….


  2. A log cabin boat house is unique to me. I think the heron is coming out to either welcome or run off the visiting goose. His house could use a bit of work but it’s the largest birdhouse I’ve ever seen. ๐Ÿ™‚


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    1. It is funny janet, but I never made the mental connection of the Heron House being a BIRDHOUSE! But when you said that, the light-bulb came on and the quantum possibilities of a super-sized bird house and all it entails captured my 2 or 3 remaining free gray matter cells!! Cool!

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