Thursday Doors – Hi Loo!


This door two-fer is from the “master bathroom” in our house. Need I say more?

Thursday Doors is a weekly challenge for door-seeking souls in search of group-inclusiveness. It is the blog-child of Norm 2.0. Want to see more doors from around the globe? Go to his site HERE and click on the blue-rectangle-encased-frog…

20 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Hi Loo!

  1. Grace was the primary proponent of the bright colors, but I do like them, AND she did the painting…. I did the floor, built the doorway & hung the door….


  2. Don’t apologize, am thankful whenever it’s not an out house! I guess, when you have guests, you don’t have to tell them “2nd door on the left..”. or something like that:):)

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  3. Thank you Amy! I still enjoy the color combo even after a few years. And I whole-heartedly agree about the end result (yay) versus the work to get there (boo)!!!


  4. as i recall, it took me a very very long time to paint that door – both front and back. the other day, as a matter of fact, i thought “maybe i should change the bathroom colors.” but the thought of re-doing it is waaaay too overwhelming right now, especially because there are other more important painting jobs.

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  5. also about the bathroom – i was just going to paint it a light blue and a darker blue, i think…and i actually did that, but then i realized that the light was so light that it looked white, so then i went a little crazy. i love the bright colors, as you’d see if you could see the rest of the house.

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