Otis McDonald – Hero for the People

Otis McDonald, 1933-2014: Fought for African-Americans’ Rights against the Chicago Political machine.    April 06, 2014|By Dahleen Glanton,  Chicago Tribune reporter

Short Interview with Mr. McDonald -Excellent!

Otis McDonald — a new folk hero


Otis McDonald



5 thoughts on “Otis McDonald – Hero for the People

  1. Hi Kevin. I was a bit surprised when I started getting communications from the NRA. I’ve stopped them now. But this seems a weird time in your county’s ghastly experience of lunatics with guns to start flagging up someone who campaigned for the right to bear arms as a hero. I guess there’s a lot more than the ocean between us on this.

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  2. Hello Charles! Am astounded that you would be getting stuff from NRA! Glad you were able to resolve the issue of unwanted communications! I am getting back to walking regularly – 5 miles, 3 times a week is my goal and I do so when my knees agree and I am not fighting a cold or bronchitis!

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