Thursday Doors – Wind Down Doors


My Thursday Doors for this week feature the doors to our room during an overnight stay at the Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier, Montana. We were on the Wind Down of a 2-week “active vacation”  (can a retired guy truly take a vacation?) wherein we had spent several days hiking in and around Glacier National Park. Background first, then doors, & a bit about our trip…

Construction on the Glacier Park Lodge was begun in 1912 after the Great Northern Railway negotiated the purchase of 160 acres of land from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation at the eastern base of Marias Pass in the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana. The Mrs and I stayed in the original part of the Lodge on the 2nd floor. Oh, and we chose to stay here because we traveled by train (Amtrak) from home (Springfield, IL) to Montana and back. The Lodge is located within spitting distance of the Amtrak Station in East Glacier, and a Frog-jump from The Dollar Car Rental, where I dropped off our rented car shortly before the Empire Builder train pulled into the station.

The first door is the room door as seen from the hallway, and it appears the latch handle may be the original latch! (Which means it is older than me!!)


Next, the same door from inside, and you can see the painted over transom above the door.


Directly opposite the hallway door is the door to the outside shared balcony.  This also appears to be the original door with the original latch. The deadbolt lock on the hallway door is pretty new, whereas the one on this door is pretty old.


Opening the balcony door reveals a screen door between the room occupant and the incredible view of the mountains!


Finally, lest I forget, the bathroom door!


Last thought – Glacier National Park in Montana runs right up to the Canadian border, and if you look north and east across the border and squint REAL hard, you just might see Norm 2.0 hard at work rallying door enthusiasts from around the globe every Thursday. You can see HIS preferred doors for this week HERE, and other door offerings will be found attached in the Comments Section of his posting… Check it out!!




Hungry Horse Thursday Doors

For this week’s Thursday Doors, I am offering all you starving Door-Folks a small selection of Doors we discovered in the little town of Hungry Horse, Montana. Hungry Horse is just a short drive from the West Entrance to Glacier National Park, and just about 30 miles south of the Canadian Border…

The day we arrived in Hungry Horse, we walked from our lovely B&B (Hungry Horse Hideout) to the grocery store. On our way back, we wandered around and found some interesting doors. I started this gallery off with the door to the shed in the backyard of our B&B. It looks pretty new, but already it is showing a bit of weathering! Then as we walked, we saw this great green door fitted neatly to the front of a little green bungalow! And, of course, one green door deserves another… the next one the entryway through a stockade fence. Look closely through the screen in the closeup and you can see the vertical logs of the house, and just a snippet of the front door of the house. Since a green door can be used in the fence, why can’t a gate in a fence be used as a door? And since a rustic gate has qualified (in my mind anyway) as a door, why not the barely visible chain link gate?

To see what the DoorMaster, Norm, considers to be a door, as well as other Door Watchers from around the globe, go to Norm2.0  home of Thursday Doors...

Shed door @ B&B
Green door on green house
Green screen door in fence…
Rustic gateway (call it a door please)
Chain link gate