Thursday Doors – A Return 10-fer

I won’t try to recall when I last posted a TD, nor blabber on about why. Instead, let me get to my door (s)…






To see more Doors, go to the link below… or maybe not as it has been soooo long since I have done this, I forget,

Thursday Doors Norm2.0

8 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – A Return 10-fer

    1. I am well these days… vision is back about 95% and still improving (yay!!), and still walking! We are in Glacier right now trying not to stumble into Canada inadvertently (forgot my passport). Hope you are golden!!

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  1. I had to look twice to find the doors! Great to have you back . Could you find something more interesting to post about? Letter boxes? Litter bins?😇

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