Thursday Doors – Home Again

Following our return from our Glacier Nat’l Park trip, we had a few days back home to unpack, reacquaint ourselves with our kitties, do laundry, etc. etc. etc. Then we did a quick repack and headed to northern Illinois for my sister’s retirement party! She was always the SMART one… she is retiring with 2 pensions!! When I asked her what she was planning to do in retirement, she replied. “Art!” Just awesome, I would say.

After the party, we drove to Starved Rock State Park where The Mrs had made an overnight reservation for us in a cabin. We have stayed there a few times in the past, both in a cabin and in the Main Lodge. We have enjoyed our visits there, and of course, an old CCC constructed lodge is cool all in all. The cabin we stayed in turned out to be the exact same one we had stayed in previously in 2016 (and I posted the door from outside in Thursday Doors back then). Here is the door from INSIDE this time.


The entryway doors to the Lodge always impress me. These are to the lodging check-in  foyer…


Parked outside this entry way was another stunning door…


Thursday Doors happens every week, on Thursday (some kinda conspiracy it seems to me.) To see what doors are in store now & evermore, just go visit Norm 2.0 HERE!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Home Again

    1. ok, first… RUSSIA?! How cool is that! Can’t wait to read your post (s) about that trip! And second, dang, I wish that was mine! my Caddy is about 40 years younger than the one in the picture….


  1. Even though I’m not much of an old car buff there is something pretty darn cool about all that polished chrome and sexy lines.
    Glad you could join in our “conspiracy” again this week 😉

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  2. sorry i forgot to reply earlier, we’ve been too busy rushing about! you didn’t mention that you started a wonderful fire in the fireplace that night even though it was 85 degrees outside…but freezing in the room…until the middle of the night anyway! hahah!

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