Thursday Doors – is for the Birds…

Seems like since we went on our hiking trip to Glacier National Park last month that we only slow down and stay at home long enough to do laundry and reacquaint ourselves with our cats… And so, I offer the following door from a quick return trip for us to Starved Rock State Park. We headed north to northern Illinois in order to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with my siblings. We went up a day early so we could go hiking at the park and stay overnight, making our drive the next day a quicker and less tiring event…

And so, here is a door that we found in the lobby of the Check-in desk at Starved Rock. This is an antique Finch Cage. Not sure when it was acquired and placed in the lobby, and I forgot to take a picture of the information card. Note: there are no birds housed in here anymore.  So there it is… A Door For The Birds!!



More doors, whether for the birds or not, can be accessed by visiting Norm 2.0 HERE. Be sure to scroll down to his Comments section to see doors from around the world!!

12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – is for the Birds…

  1. i’m so glad you get the BEST COFFEE IN THE WORLD at starved rock, but it’s too bad you get it so infrequently.

    and the most important thing is that there are, for sure, finches in that cage. upper right.

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    1. Making Canadian Thanksgiving our annual family get-together tradition occurred a number of years ago because 2 of us were then working in law enforcement, and usually had to work the traditional American holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years… So we borrowed your T-giving weekend and have been quite happy ever since!!

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