I am almost always awake long before The Mrs, and usually before the sunrises. Sometimes, The Mrs leaves me notes on the kitchen counter by the coffee pot because in my early morning routine I feed cats and make coffee right off. The notes could be information about something that occurred after I went to bed the night before, or a reminder about something important about to happen in the new day, or maybe a task or favor she would like for me to accomplish. So this morning there were 2 notes waiting for me.

This first was an informational note about someone who stayed up much later than she wanted to last night…

But the second was a stickie note next to her tea infuser with the command, “WATCH!!”. I watched that tea infuser for what must have been 20 minutes, but it did nothing… NOTHING AT ALL! So I am not sure what I was watching, but obviously I have already failed the day.


13 thoughts on “Noteworthy…Confusion

  1. Nothing since 2019 and then you offer us such a great mystery! Not the sticky of course, which was simply a reminder to herself to put on/ buy/ have repaired her watch but far more interesting , what is “prickety p” or “JJ” and what took her out before you. I won’t be able to sleep tonight unless I know the answer to these riddles

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  2. I will reveal all these mysteries later today, right now getting ready to drive Grace to doctor’s office to get the stitches taken out of her knee….


  3. Ok, it’s bedtime here in the Uk, but I know that sleep will elude me tonight . Not because of the mysteries of course but from not knowing if G was brave and if she is OK. Xx

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    1. Okay, here is what she was concerned over: these are 2 online games she plays… “Prickety P” translates to Pearl’s Perils, and “JJ” is June’s Journey’s. So there, now go to sleep!


  4. Hi Charles! Even though you’re probably in bed by now…I had surgery on my knee because I tore my meniscus in May. Today was my two-week checkup and I passed with flying colors, yay for that. You’re almost right about the watch…I had to remember to charge it first thing in the morning and so i posted that note to myself, putting it right next to my tea infuser. Kevin should have known that note was not for him, because I didn’t sign it with an xxx, which I always do for him. If you want to read all about my exciting operation (the only one I’ve ever had), it’s on my website.Meanwhile…maybe we’ll get back to the UK sometime not too far from now?

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    1. Hiya!!! (Big Hugs) I had a meniscus tear repaired by arthroscopy several years ago and it was a toatl success. Hope yours heals likewise. Would love to see you both if you make it next year.xx

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  5. Grace’s doctor visit was really good… the stitches came out smoothly, no teardrops, whimpers, or blood. The doctor said she can do most everything but running (running again in about a month). So we plan to start walking again soon in order to continue our Wales walking next year! Woohoo! Hope you can sleep well now Charles!


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