Thursday Doors – Alabama

This week I am featuring the Oceanside face of a “beach house” in Orange Beach, Alabama. The Mrs &I saw this house on a morning run while vacationing, and I pointed it out to her, saying I was going to return with my iPad to photograph it. I would have used my digital camera, but it was safely back in Illinois where it would not get too hot!

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Visit Norm 2.0 ( more doors and details. When you get to Norm’s site, look for The Blue Frog.



Thursday Door, and 3 in a week…

I mentioned in a previous posting that every Thursday I get notification that the Irish writer & blogger, Jean Reinhardt, has posted a new blog entry entitled, “Thursday Doors.” I also mentioned that I am continually planning to go out and take photos of cool/interesting doors around the Springfield area and post them here under my own Thursday Doors heading… and never quite got it done.  Until this week! I refinished the door/hatch/board/whatever that leads into the cabin of our little O’Day22 sailboat and took photos, and so here is my very own Thursday Doors entry!





AND… here is the really cool thing. I just got my Thursday email notification that Jean has posted, and her doors this week are on boats in County Cavan, Ireland! She also posted a picture of her boat, which is quite unique and looks pretty darned cool I have to say.  So checkout Jean’s blog and then go to the source of this madness, and check out the original Thursday Doors at Norm’s blog.

So, 3 times this past week I have sweated off a Constant Glucose Monitor Sensor, which is a companion to my Medtronic insulin pump. The CGM gives me a moderately accurate reading of my blood glucose levels. Moderately because it reads the glucose levels of the interstitial fluid of the insertion site as opposed to the blood glucose levels from a finger stick. The IGL lag the BGL by about 20 minutes or so… So, the sensor is adhered to the skin surface by an adhesive base pad, then a special tape strip, and in the summer I add a second special tape strip, and the past couple weeks I then cover the whole thing with waterproof first aid tape.  And still I sweated 3 of the danged things off (they are normally left in place for 6 days). It has been so incredibly humid the past couple weeks, and then I have been running, and outside working on the boat, and outside playing, I mean, working to get gear ready for a backpacking trip with my buddy Garrick… and it seems all I do is sweat, sweat, sweat… Viola! off slides the sensor! Yesterday morning after the 3rd one detached uninvitedly, I figured I would leave it off while I went running. By the time I got home, the insulin pump reservoir had run out.  I walked around to the lake side to cool down and stretch down by the dock and saw The Mrs swimming in the lake, so I trotted down the hill detaching and unplugging the pump, then yelled, “I’ll save you, dear”, and jumped in the lake!  It is such a hassle to secure the pump and sensor to prepare for water immersion, I rarely swim these days… so yesterday was a real treat!!

Finally, this morning’s sunrise, followed very shortly after by the clouds rolling by southeasterly carrying rain to Indiana…



Sailboats, sunrise & moonrise… & Turtle Rescue

Today is HOT and Humid .   <did you see I “bolded” the period there?  The temperature when I got up this morning at 6:10 was already 79F with 80% humidity.  I decided I needed a quick run early before it got too hot, but between feeding the cats, watching the local morning news and weather, and drinking coffee, I didn’t make it out the door until just after 8:00. And by then the temp was only 80, but felt like 90. I decided an easy 2.5 miles in the shaded path of the UIS Challenge Course extension would be just dandy. Within a minute I was called upon to exert my super-powers and rescue a poor turtle sitting in the middle of the roadway of West Lake Drive. Poor turtle was sitting in the middle of the southbound lane with its little head sticking out of its shell… looking but not going anywhere. And I could hear a car approaching from the other side of the hill. I scooped up the turtle and carried it as I ran. It was about the size of a softball. So…according to my Garmin running watch/gps, I stopped at the 3:35 minute mark, which would be when I stopped in the woods and put the turtle on the ground right next to the water… Yay! One turtle rescued!!! The run after that was totally uneventful.

Note: I am working backwards on the events noted in the title.

Last night, my sister-in-law texted The Mrs and insisted we go look at the moon…. right that second!! This is why…


and a moment later


Sunrise from Sunday morning…


This just leaves sailboat stuff to mention.

The new Neil Pryde sail for the Hilu arrived… I originally ordered one built to fit a Sunfish, thinking that is what I had on the Hilu. (The Hilu is a 14′ outrigger sailboat kinda thingy built by AMF Alcort in the ’70s using the then Alcort Sunfish hardware and rigging.) Turns out, my Hilu has the mast/booms from a Minifish, which is smaller by a foot. I posted my mistake picture previously, so here is the follow-up picture of the Hilu with the CORRECT sized sail on it!!

This then brings us to the Miss Mollie, my O’Day22.  The past week or so has actually been pretty good for sailing on Lake Springfield… better yet, since The Mrs’ pontoon boat is still in the shop, she has been easy to coax out on the sailboat. I even woke her up early one morning after a glorious sunrise and we went out for a couple hours!



So, now I just wait to see what adventures unfold today!


To commemorate the first day of Summer 2015, I got up about 5 am, checked the weather, closed all the windows in the house because of the 88% humidity, turned on the A/C, then geared up for a quick run.  Well, not as quick as it use to be! I ran the perimeter of the soccer fields at UIS, and total mileage from our driveway out and back is just at 2.5 miles. In 27:25 mins/secs.    Temperature hovering about 74F/23C.  It was moderately cool still in the shade, but when I got out into the sun, it was quite warm. And steamy.  When I got back home the sweat was dripping off me as if I had just stepped out of the shower. Whew!

Walking back in the house felt like stepping into a walk-in beer cooler! Quite refreshing.  So I drank a bunch of water and some electrolyte fluid (the Blue flavor) and let my body cool for a bit. Once the sweat stopped pouring out of me, I did a 20 minute “High Intensity Interval Challenge Workout” that I started 2 weeks ago.  All this helps me with my old man early afternoon nap-times…. 🙂

And summer wouldn’t be summer if I didn’t have to then mow the lawn! Although the riding mower stopped cutting after I finished up with the back yard…. Darn! Too danged hot at that point to try to fix it! So back inside for a cool shower and some quality time with “Plants vs. Zombies”…  If only the sailboat were on the water….


I started using MapMyRuns last year to track my runs & walks at the suggestion of The Mrs.  Of late, I have been playing with various functions of the program, mostly dealing with accurizing my time & distance calculations.  One thing I like alot is the Monthly Overview, so I can see at a glance my activity for the month. Makes me feel like I am being really active and good!

June 15, 2015   Walking The Illinois State Fairgrounds and Lincoln Park

We started this walk from the Fairgrounds Parking Lot near the Dept of Agriculture Headquarters. We meandered north across the Fairgrounds and then turned east and walked through the campground area. After leaving the Fairgrounds we headed to nearby Lincoln Park.

Lincoln Park BridgeThis little bridge has “LINCOLN PARK” embedded on the two main posts with the little pyramid caps on them. We wandered all over the park, ended up following trails neither of us had ever explored before. Not being a native Springfieldian, I never spent much time in Lincoln Park before…

We sat on a nice shady bench and had a snack, then followed a small path that lead us to a neat little cement stairway into the woods….

Stairway to the woods...We found the park delightful and rewarding as we meandered, adding miles to our day’s tally.  It was also a big day because The Mrs wore her new hiking BOOTS and SmartWool socks. I enlisted the persuasion of our  Hiking Mentor, Charles Hawes, to encourage her to go the boot route versus the “hiking shoe” option. Being an ancient Boy Scout, I’ve worn hiking boots for hiking since I was 8 years old, everywhere from northern Illinois and Wisconsin, to Philmont, New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, through the Colorado Rockies…. I include this photo for Charles.

Taking a break
Taking a break

We headed back to the Fairgrounds, and walked back past the Coliseum and the horse barns area, which was the majority of my patrol area when I worked the State Fair for a number of years in the ’80s.  I love the smell of the horse barns!  Well, after all our tromping around fairly aimlessly all morning, me tallied up 7.5 miles total.  Nice !

Lincoln Park fountain

Hiking, sailing

Sunrise early June 2015
Sunrise early June 2015

I will load my current hiking statistics shortly. Suffice it to say, we are preparing (training even) for our upcoming Fall Hiking Adventure in Wales & Ireland.

I will update my sailboat progress soon. I am still waiting for a non-rainy day to complete the refitting task on the O’Day 22 so I can launch her. The Hilu is lakeside and ready to be rigged at a moment’s notice if the rain would ease during the week. Much too busy with powerboats operated by non-yielding beer intake factories on this side of the lake on the weekend.

Hilu on Lake Springfield
Hilu on Lake Springfield
Miss Mollie 2014
Miss Mollie 2014