Illinois State Police Museum

Here is a great short video that discusses the Illinois State Police Museum located in Springfield, Illinois. Lots of planning now underway to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the ISP being officially formed on April 1, 1922.

Illinois State Police Museum

In the video you will see a few of the display boards, and if you look for the one with a uniform patch on a sleeve surrounded by the stars and rank insignias, you will see some of my handiwork while I was assigned to the ISP Academy… I will keep posting updates of preparations for the celebrations as they finalize…

The first patrol vehicles issued to the Illinois State Police Highway Patrol Officers were WW1 US Army surplus Harley Davidson motorcycles. Each motorcycle was eventually equipped with a sidecar.  The pictures below show an Auto-Lite carbide headlight, similar to the one on the surplus Harleys’ “light system”.

May 4, 1865

On May 4, 1865 the body of assassinated United States President Abraham Lincoln was placed in a receiving vault at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois following final funeral services. He was placed within his final resting place, the Lincoln Tomb in 1871. Two Chicago criminals (unsuccessfully) attempted to steal Lincoln’s remains to hold for ransom in 1876. In 1887, the bodies of the President and Mary Todd Lincoln were buried together in an underground brick vault, and finally, Abe was buried in a concrete vault underneath a massive granite cenotaph. Mrs. Lincoln and 3 of the 4 Lincoln sons are interred in nearby crypts.

The following photo shows members of the 114th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Reactivated) in front of the Lincoln Tomb.