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Hero Down: Illinois State Trooper Ryan Albin Killed By Semi

Illinois State Police Trooper Ryan Albin EOW 06/28/2017.

Trooper Ryan Albin Killed

Farmer City, IL – Illinois State Trooper Ryan Albin was killed in a traffic crash on Wednesday, June 28, according to The Chicago Tribune.

The incident occurred about 3:10 PM on I-74, in the westbound lanes near milepost 155, which is near Farmer City, about 25 miles northwest of Champaign.  Trooper Albin was on patrol and involved in a crash with a semitrailer truck.  According to Fox2now,  the driver of the second vehicle, a truck, and a passenger, were not injured.

According to The Pantagraph, “preliminary investigation showed both vehicles were in slowed/stopped westbound traffic approaching a merge area ahead of a construction zone when the crash occurred”.

Trooper Albin was airlifted by a medical helicopter to a local hospital, where he died about 8:45 PM  The investigation into the crash is ongoing.

In a Facebook post, The Illinois State Police said:

“Illinois State Police (ISP) Director Leo P. Schmitz regretfully announces that ISP Trooper Ryan Albin, star number 5718, was tragically killed on June 28, 2017, while on patrol.

On June 28, 2017, at approximately 3:10 p.m. Trooper Albin was involved in a crash on I-74 near Farmer City. Trooper Albin sustained serious injuries as a result of the crash. At approximately 8:45pm on the same day, Trooper Albin succumbed to his injuries.

“Our hearts are heavy with grief as we mourn the loss of Trooper Albin,” stated Director Schmitz. “I extend my deepest sympathy to Trooper Albin’s family, friends, and co-workers. I pray that those who cared for and loved him find the strength they need during this most difficult time. No further words can express the pain and loss we are all feeling.”

Trooper Albin joined the ISP on January 8, 2006. He was assigned to District 6 in Pontiac as a canine officer. Trooper Albin’s canine partner, “Biko,” was in the rear of the squad car at the time of the crash. Biko was transported to a local veterinarian’s office and appears to have sustained only minor injuries.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Illinois State Trooper Ryan Albin, both blood and blue.  Godspeed, sir, we will take the watch from here.  Thank you for your service.

Trooper Albin, your life mattered.

Source: https://bluelivesmatter.blue/illinois-state-trooper-ryan-albin/

Thursday Doors – Ironic

Last week while taking pictures for TD, I took a picture of the entry door of the first Illinois State Police Headquarters in Springfield, IL (the capital city of Illinois). I then drove about 5 blocks away to take pictures of the entry doors of the current ISP Headquarters. I walked all the way around the building (it covers an entire city block) taking pics of every door I saw. I had just taken my last photo and was going to walk back to my car when a service door for automobile entry opened and a State Trooper came out. In his best command voice, he said, “Is there something I can help you with?!” I grinned at him because I recognized him from my life B4, and when he recognized me we shook hands, hugged, slapped each other on the back and blah, blah, blah-ed… So instead of being dragged into an interrogation room on suspicion of terrorist activity, I got invited in and got to sit and bs for half an hour… Didn’t even have to show my Norm’s Thursday Doors Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card!!

So this week’s door is a secured delivery entrance door to the “new” Illinois State Police Headquarters. It might surprise you, but a significant number of the employees in the building are sworn officers. With full police powers, authority, and responsibility.  The ironic part of all this is the signage on the door prohibiting firearms!!!


Thursday Doors is a weekly challenge for door-enlightened souls in search of group-inclusiveness. It is the blog-child of Norm 2.0. Want to see more doors from around the globe? Go to his site HERE and click on the blue-rectangle-encased-frog…

Yet Another Thursday Door…

Not sure if this is allowed, but I am posting a 2nd Thursday Doors this week. I will beg for Norm’s forgiveness after I get in trouble. And I have a goooood reason for this. (Note to Self: only 1 of those sentences as actually grammatically correct. oooops.)

My intent was to go out yesterday (on Thursday) and take a specific photo for Thursday Doors. However, it was raining and dreary, and it was warm and dry inside, and my jammies were too comfortable to change out of. So I found a door photo back from my days before door-enlightenment; when taking a photo with a door in it was unplanned and unintended. I posted that with a short little blurb about it.  My INTENDED DOOR was this… (Ta-Daaaa!)

1100 South 5th Street, Springfield, IL

This is the main doorway to the house that was the first headquarters in Springfield, Illinois of the Illinois State Police (named the Illinois State Highway Patrol back then in the early 1920’s). This is significant, because the Illinois State Highway Patrol came into existence on April 1, 1922… 95 years ago tomorrow. No joke!!

Today this building is used for offices, including a lawyer’s office, and I believe a couple suites are for rent if you want to have a cool office in Springfield….

Thursday Doors is a weekly challenge for door-enlightened souls in search of group-inclusiveness. It is the blog-child of Norm 2.0. Want to see more doors from around the globe? Go to his site HERE and click on the blue-rectangle-encased-frog…

As promised when I first posted this entry, I have a link to my ISP History blog with a short article about the ISP anniversary and a Proclamation by the Governor just displayed today at the current ISP HQ.  Illinois State Police Day – April 1, 2017

Oh no… Why??

I just checked the weather forecast for tomorrow…. Sunny & 70 degrees (Fahrenheit, which is  21 degrees Celsius in case my readers in Wales wondered…). This is not the best news for me because…

Well, cuz shortly after New Years I laid out some of my plans for this year (not resolutions, I don’t do resolutions. I also don’t do social media.) One thing I mentioned I intend to do this year is to edit, revise, update, and publish my thesis on the Origins of the Illinois State Highway Patrol. I posted an excerpt from it already, and that started the process. Today, I spent the majority of the day researching a couple of the first officers who were hired in 1922. And I was having a super fun time! I guess that makes me geek-eligible, right? Well, therein lies my consternation over the nice day tomorrow…

I was hoping to spend a good portion of the day tomorrow continuing my research. But now it looks like I will be outside playing instead. Darn it.

I do have one observation I wanted to share. Based on my research today, I was able to compile a huge treasure trove of relevant information, and save it on my laptop with the relevant citation documentation incredibly fast and easily. When I was researching originally for my thesis, I had to hand write my notes and cites, and roll through miles of microfilm, and travel throughout the state to various museums, archives, and libraries to access possible records. I am (happily) overwhelmed and overjoyed by the ready access to materials online! Ahhh, technology!

On a somewhat related note, today’s researching brought me to the Memorial page online of one of my close friends who died in the line of duty 27 years ago, Trooper April Rapp Styburski … I was on my day off the night it happened. The District desk officer called me to tell me… It still brings a tear to my eye. She is buried in Oswego, Illinois. {I helped my friends, Garrick & Janice, move some of Janice’s son’s furniture and clothes to North Aurora on Saturday, and we went through Oswego. This got me to thinking about April}. End of Watch, January 5, 1990.