Autumn Chores

Because of all the very very busy activities in my life the past couple months, many of my Summer Chores are now transmogrifying into Autumn Chores. Unfortunately, my ACs are now at the front of the queue…

So this weekend, The Mrs & I lowered the mast on the “Miss Mollie” (The Mrs serving as the Winch Wench and yers trooly as the Mast Muscler), removed mast/boom, and then with the assistance of my Mother-In-Law, putted over to the sailboat ramp and removed the boat from the water.


View of CWLP Power Plant as we left the dock, and the historic Last Boat Ride of the year.


MIL enjoying the ride…

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The Mrs & MIL waiting for me to back the boat trailer into water to conclude the Boat Removal Ceremony… No one fell in, no one got wet, and we got the boat on the trailer with minimal hassle!!! WooHoo.

The last task involving the Autumn boat chore was to Power Wash all the lake schmutz that accumulated on the hull throughout the summer. I accomplished this yesterday…



Not sure what Chores are awaiting me today, but I am certain it will be fun, fun, fun….  oh yeah?

Hilu kinda morning

Sun's up!!
Sun’s up!!

I got up this morning shortly before sunrise, the house was cool and fresh. I opened the windows last night before going to bed as the predicted overnight low was 62 degrees. The weather guy this morning just announced it is 61! Temps in the low 80’s today, and the humidity is only predicted to be in the low 60’s! After yesterday’s heat index of over 110, this is truly a reinvigorating relief…

Hilu waiting...
Hilu waiting…

So, first a quick run (we will walk again tomorrow because The Mrs has to work today or some such silly thing), then HILU TIME! The wind is a fairly steady 6 mph with 12 mph gusts, and supposedly increasing as the morning progresses. I find the Hilu likes winds between 10 ~ 15 to begin to wake up… at least with ME at the helm.

I had an email waiting for me this morning from a friend (Glenn). He recently had a heart attack and is in rehab, and recovering marvelously. We have talked sailing in the past, and we had planned to sail the O’Day last summer… then the diabetic retinopathy changed MY plans and I never even launched the O’Day… So in Glenn’s email this morning he told me he and another sailing friend of his bought a San Juan this spring and it is moored at a private club on the Big Side of the lake. And he has extended an open invite to go sailing with him anytime… We both now have lots of free time, and between the two of us with our disabilities, we probably equal one capable sailor… WooHoo!

But the highlight of the day will be MOWING THE LAWN!  We have had so many hot/humid days that made it impossible for me to consider mowing that if I wait any longer, I will have to bale the lawn. And as a kid I spent plenty of days pitching bales of hay, and don’t have any great need to start doing THAT again!!!