Thursday Doors – Archival Edition

I started cleaning & reorganizing the Man Cave this week, and in the process unearthed a box of my old photos. The “real kind”, like printed on photo paper from negatives! So of course, since old photos are more interesting than cleaning, I had a sit down and had a rifling-thru. In the process I found a small handful of pictures that I thought would work for a lame Thursday Doors entry (since I have been too lazy, I mean, too BUSY to go photograph new ones!)

Opel Kadett
1965 Opel Kadett Station Wagon. Circa 1975

My First Car. It sounded like a sewing machine when it ran….It had 3 doors….

1970 VW Bug
1970 Volkswagen Type 1 (aka BUG). Circa 1976

My first Volkswagen. I bought it for $999.00. It even had a cassette player!!! And only 2 doors.

1972 Volkswagen Type 2 (Transporter Van). Circa 1980.
1972 Volkswagen Type 2 (Transporter Van). Circa 1980.

My First Volkswagen Van. Notice the sunroof? I installed that. Notice the peace sign/bunny fingers poking up out of the sunroof? Those belong to my youngest sister, Ann!! This had 4 doors.

1985 Dodge Diplomat Squad Car. Circa 1986.

This was my first NEW squad car, issued to me in late 1985.¬† (4 doors). But there is more to point out in this picture. The red car in the driveway to the right was my landlord’s, and I eventually bought it from him (2 doors). And the beautiful Italianate house in the background was my landlord’s house (and you can even see a House Door in the front!). And if you look to the left side of the house, you will see a small outside staircase, which was my entrance to my 2nd story efficiency apartment! Only 1 door to the apt.

1980 Volkswagen Pickup
1980 Volkswagen Pickup. Circa 1990.

My First VW Pickup. I was actually able to fit in the cab and drive it!! I installed the sunroof myself… 2 doors, 3 if I can count the tail gate…

1974 Porsche (VW) 914 Roadster (foreground) & 1967 VW Bug (background). Circa 1991.

My First Real Sportscar! I loved this little firebreather!!!

The Bug was a Sunroof version, something I had always wanted… I paid $650 for it!

2 doors for each.

1974 Volkswagen Type 181 – The Thing. Circa 2019.

My current Volkswagen. I have owned at least one VW since I bought my 1970 Bug back in 1976! 4 doors!!

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