July 22nd & Fairgrounds again

The day dawned clear and cool and we drove to the Fairgrounds and met up with Jill for a supposed easy stroll around the Fairgrounds, Lincoln Park, and Oak Ridge Cemetery again. No lost/stolen wallets to be found today… Jill didn’t bring her water bottle so we didn’t have to shuffle things around in the packs, The Mrs just assigned her one of her two bottles. We went around the horse track areas, cut through part of Conservation World, and walked all the way around The Arena. We were only going to cut across it, but there was only one gate open so we ended up walking the entire inner perimeter. Once we escaped the Arena trap, we stopped to take a picture of this interesting sign!

Jill & The Mrs
Jill & The Mrs

We walked across Lincoln Park, past the horseshoe pits, up through the woods along the Disk Golf course and across the street into Oak Ridge Cemetery through the restored Original Main Gate.

We walked past the GAR Memorial, which I had mentioned in a previous post. I lamented then that a number of the cannon balls had been taken from the memorial…. here is a picture of it from this walk…

004We walked areas we were not familiar with, primarily looking for hills, and Jill brought us to Baby Land. It is so sad to think about… We walked past the Lincoln Tomb, down the hill by the old Receiving Vault, and exited through the old Main Entrance again. We climbed a couple hills in Lincoln Park and returned to the Fairgrounds parking lot to our cars and ended our walk at just about 8 1/3 miles.

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