Thursday Doors – Estero, Florida (& the Bathtub Messiah)

On December 29, 2014 at 7:13 am on a chilly midwestern morning, The Mrs & I pulled out of our driveway in our old mini-van, pulling our old pop-up Dutchmen Duck camper. We were headed south to the Fort Myers, Florida area for a few days of sunshine and inviting beaches. This was a rare opportunity for us, to leave town over New Years… In the past, one or the other of us would usually have a NY Eve commitment – I either had a band gig, or The Mrs was doing her one woman comedy show for First Night. But not this year!

We took a couple days to drive to Florida, and camped at the Koreshan State Historic Site in Estero, FL. We were 9 days in the warm sunshine of Florida! You can read about our escapades from the perspective of The Mrs starting HERE… I’m here to post a door picture. This is a picture of our little camper which we set up in the dark once we got to KSHS…


And here, note the four doors on just one side of the historic Koreshan Planetary Court building. We were camped just a short walk from the grouping of old historic buildings that comprise the Koreshan compound.


You can read more about the Koreshans and “The Bathtub Messiah”, starting with this interesting article.

And for some door pictures from the frozen Great White North, visit the website of the Door Sensei (ๅ…ˆ็”Ÿ) , Norm 2.0 … if you click on the blue frog towards the bottom of his posting, you will be magically transported to a page of portals to doors from AROUND THE WORLD!!!! WooHoo!!!

12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Estero, Florida (& the Bathtub Messiah)

    1. The campsite was splendid! We were under a heavily laden grapefruit tree, and it would drop 1 or 2 a day, which we were allowed to eat (not allowed to pick them off the trees). Never had eaten a totally fresh grapefruit before!!!

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  1. Your little camper looks so good, it’s got me thinking of where we should visit this year for our annual camping trip with our children and grandchildren. I love the nicknames Norm is picking up lately, I’ll have to come up with an Irish one for him. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. He definitely should have an Irish nickname!! The Mrs & I are heading back across the Pond again this year and just now in the negotiating stages of where-oh-where do we go?? But we will probably stick to B&Bs, not ready to try to pack all our camping gear into 2 suitcases! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. haha, now i’m remembering how desperate we were to get to the campsite before dark. we were stuck in the gridlocked traffic that is the lone interstate running the length of florida, and we assumed there was an accident, but i think it was just so much traffic because everybody wants to go to florida! i called the ranger at the campground and he thought that we’d get there before dark, but if not, no worries, cause they’d still let us in. which they did, even though it was dark, but i remember that it wasn’t the most fun thing in the world, setting up in the dark. but then YAY that we were somewhere warm in in the winter! i know that at some point we’ll go back, especially to captiva island, which in my book is paradise.

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