Autumn Chores

Because of all the very very busy activities in my life the past couple months, many of my Summer Chores are now transmogrifying into Autumn Chores. Unfortunately, my ACs are now at the front of the queue…

So this weekend, The Mrs & I lowered the mast on the “Miss Mollie” (The Mrs serving as the Winch Wench and yers trooly as the Mast Muscler), removed mast/boom, and then with the assistance of my Mother-In-Law, putted over to the sailboat ramp and removed the boat from the water.


View of CWLP Power Plant as we left the dock, and the historic Last Boat Ride of the year.


MIL enjoying the ride…

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The Mrs & MIL waiting for me to back the boat trailer into water to conclude the Boat Removal Ceremony… No one fell in, no one got wet, and we got the boat on the trailer with minimal hassle!!! WooHoo.

The last task involving the Autumn boat chore was to Power Wash all the lake schmutz that accumulated on the hull throughout the summer. I accomplished this yesterday…



Not sure what Chores are awaiting me today, but I am certain it will be fun, fun, fun….  oh yeah?

6 thoughts on “Autumn Chores

  1. Unfortunately, I only have two hands and if I took either of them away from my mast muscling duties to take a picture, I think the Winch Wench would have had my head on a platter!!! I’ll try to get one in the spring when we step the mast again…. I promise!!


  2. sorry that i didn’t even see this post til now! but yes, things are crazy around here and i haven’t even had time to sit down and relax much at all…and yes, it was nice that getting the sailboat out of the water wasn’t as harrowing as getting the pontoon boat out! not that i was much help with either, mostly i just stood around and worried, especially when you got so wet pulling up the pontoon, and then that poor guy who helped (the third one who came to our assistance) totally fell in! also i LOVE that photo of les on the boat! too bad you don’t post more of your lovely pictures!

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  3. This post too made me miss our home in Groves, going out in the boat and seeing our own power plant. I miss the fishing but to me, a day on the boat was always a good day!

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